The bright side of life


Walking to the gym in Frisco

After returning to Europe from Asia last spring, I’ve been dedicated to getting in better shape and really making sure to move my body. I want to be a strong, flexible person without too much physical pain.
Being in the Western world makes this dedication easier for me as a woman. In many places we’ve been it’s not very common for women to work out or walk for exercise. And I have at times felt uneasy about men staring at me when out walking or stretching.


Third session in Frisco

Also, the tropical heat of places we have been haven’t really helped the spirit to get even more sweaty or tired.

So, in Sweden I have enjoyed being at the gym – one in our home town Karlskrona, and one in the city I work in; Kristianstad.
And now, I go to the gym where my brother and his family goes. A small place with not so much people this far. It works very well for me.


The metrics are different

This is one of the fun things (and sometimes tiring) of traveling; to find places and ways to keep on doing things you like and/or want to do, wherever that may be.
A tricky thing when going to a gym is finding the equipment you want, or figure out how many pounds a kilo is, or how to adjust the planned session to what is possible at this particular gym.


Rowing machine, one of my favorites

Anyways, it’s nice to have the possibility to do this for myself, and to feel I am getting stronger for each week. And to enjoy the perks of being physically able to work out, to have grown up in a part of the world where women are allowed to do things and are respected.

Take care and stay safe.