Gearing up

Lately we’ve written about packing and what things to bring or not to bring on a journey. For us the challenging part is that we don’t know exactly where we will go in the long run, or what climates we will encounter.


Trying out new shoes

So when thinking of this we have heard from others, tested ourselves and realized that layer on layer will be the thing for us. Meaning we won’t bring as many designated clothes but rather basic stuff that goes well together, and that can be worn in different situations and weather.


Shopping for boots

Since we now see how much stuff we already have, we’re a bit cautious not to get too much new clothes. But, we have worn out our old jackets and boots so yesterday we went shopping for some new gear. We go for good quality that will sustain and things that we really like and can see ourselves in for a long time.


Playing at the store

We also got a 100% wool sweater each. Wool is cool since it can stay fresh for a long time even without washing up, as long as one ventilates the clothes every once in a while.