Embracing autumn-mode

Sunny walk

Yep, it is the first of November and the feeling of fall arrived sometime last week (for me).

And it was like I all of a sudden got into the “restorative-contemplating-mode”, and most of the time I like it.

Colorful leaves

You know, in the fall and winter nature takes time to rest, reset and get ready for new things to come in the spring.
Same with us humans, we have a possibility to rest more, maybe dö a little less when it’s darker and colder. In the business world it’s not always set up in that way – a lot of times people and companies need to finish business and projects before the end of the year.

Natural art

For me, now, it’s clearly that I take my time getting ready in the morning, I get out less than in the summer time, and I want to come inside at night to cook, slow down, play and read with Louise, have tea with Anders and relax when possible.

Louise swinging

Oh, these colors!

So, I welcome this time of doing a little less (as far as it goes with a baby in the family), and try and rest in the knowledge of that it is the way nature is set up for us.

Wet leaves

Also, by having time to think, reset and plan this time of the year, we can be ready for the new energy and light that comes with spring time.

By the sea

Then at times I totally miss summer, and am worried this winter will be too dark to enjoy. But then again, that is worrying about the future rather than being present. So I try and stay in the moment and enjoy the slowing down.

With love,


Winter in Sweden

Afternoon in Åhus, Sweden

The past two years we’ve spent the winter abroad, we’ve been in France, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

This year we’ve decided to stay in Sweden for several reasons. It’s a choice we’re happy with, though our thoughts often touch the warm beaches we’ve been to and our bodies long for sunshine and fresh fruit.

Dressed for a day at the beach in Sweden in December

Who knows what the future brings, maybe we’ll staying in a sunny and warm place again next year.

Frosty morning some weeks ago

For now, we treasure the days of sunshine and try to get outside during daylight every day. (Sweden is rather dark this time of year).

Morning at Aspö

Hope you enjoy your days wherever you are!

//Wivan and Anders

Morning time


This morning; warm water, coffee and writing

It’s so nice with the possibility to do whatever we want during the mornings and days here. Where we stay, the sun shines gently in through the windows from 6.15.


Some mornings: surfing

And when stepping out, it’s mildly warm and feels welcoming. Some mornings we’re greeted by noisy monkeys, other days only the birds.


Mango tree outside our room

It’s taken a rather long time to really sink into all of this at a deeper level. All the small treasures of tropical climate and “winter” in Asia.


Breakfast, tea and talking

Today, we’ll take the next step towards the future. With gratitude to all that we have, and all that we have experienced so far. After a few days with a runny nose and a cold, we’re sinking deeper into the rest and joy of being alive and healthy.

“Hendru” and Wiva