Making raw food snacks


Yesterday's batch

Something I have done a lot, when we had our own kitchen, was making raw food chocolate snacks. Often I made lots of it, and then kept it in the freezer to have when people came over.


Heavenly organic cocoa powder

Some of the good things with raw food snacks are that they are naturally free from gluten, eggs, diary and rafinated sugar. And they are so good!
My niece had asked me to make some while I am here, since she likes it a lot.


Pumpkin seeds from Whole Foods

So I made one batch yesterday and one today. And since I bought so much ingredients for it, I’ll be able to make one more to put in the freezer.



Here’s what’s in today’s batch:
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower kernels, roasted
Cocoa powder
Coconut oil
A pinch of salt

Since I make these from organic ingredients, I choose to use seeds rather than nuts – that keeps the cost down a little. And if people allergic to nuts come to visit, it won’t be a problem.


Chocolate snack

When making these, I simply grind all the seeds in a food processor, then add the cocoa powder, dates and salt and blend it all before adding the coconut oil.
It’s the coconut oil and dates that will keep the “dough” together. When the oil is chilled it becomes hard.

It’s been so good to be here in Frisco where the Whole Foods market opened rather recently. Don’t think I have ever eaten this healthy in the US before.


Whole Foods

My brother and his family has started eating a lot more organic food since the store opened.


Store filled with good things

Allright, that’s all for now!