Shifting tempo

It’s interesting to see how a shift of tempo effects so many areas; thinking, eating, walking, talking.


A lot of drawing last weekend

Since a few days I’ve spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s to help and look after her because she’s been ill. Mostly I’ve been keeping her company to just be around if she needs me. Quiet, still and slow. Time to slow down, reflect and not do so much.

Now it’s time for me to work for a few more days and the tempo has shifted; getting up early, packing, walking quickly, being on time, producing and keeping a deadline.


Going to town

For me, the shifts are good to have, it gives perspective and helps me appreciate both the slower times and the faster. Work and rest. Company and time alone. Walking slowly and running. Organize/booking and having no plans.


Grandma's flowers

What shifts in your life do you appreciate the most? Is there balance between the different tempos, or is it too much or too little of something?

Wake up to the tempo of your life.
With love,

Book: Paris Letters

Paris Letters, by Janice MacLeod

Paris Letters, by Janice MacLeod

This one I finished reading a few days ago, and I must say it was one of those books that caught me from the very first page and left me with a ‘is it already over?!’ kind of feeling. A great book in the sense that it’s a true story, in the sense that the story is only a few years old, and in the sense that the person writing the book has done massive change in order to get what she really wanted in life. In other words, it was inspiring to me and I believe it has inspired many others too.

Whose dream life am I living? Because it’s certainly not mine.

Janice MacLeod is the one telling her own story, a story that started with a blog, and then a number of letters, that later became this book, Paris Letters.

I started this journey by getting rid of clothes, but eventually I slowly peeled off the layers of judgements I had placed upon myself for failing to get married by the ripe old age of thirty-four. For failing to find happiness in my chosen career. For creating a life that wasn’t much fun. I let myself off the hook. I forgave myself for the judgments. The truth is that I did the best I could with what I knew at the time.

I might have felt an extra connection to Janice in the book, since she walks the streets of Paris like a mad person, and we too have walked the streets of Paris, and now are walking the streets of Singapore, maybe not like mad but still walking a lot and exploring life and places. And maybe also because she decides to clear out her stuff, to make huge changes and live life in a different way than before.

We must know how to design our lives. We are all artists, and each day is a canvas.

From the first page I made marks in the book, I highlighted sentences and sections that stood out and spoke to me, quotes I wanted to share with others or be able to find easily another time. And those great quotes and powerful words just kept on coming throughout the whole book.

There is a certain freedom in not having so many choices.

So, either if you want to read a interesting story of someone re-directing her life completely, or if you are looking for some company on your own journey in life, this is a great book!

With love from Singapore,

Anders and I in Paris earlier this year

Anders and I in Paris earlier this year

Full on city life in Singapore


Mix between water, green and buildings

Our first outing in Singapore was a nice walk by the river close to where we stay to get some lunch and withdrawl money.


Noodle soup with pork, coffee and water

The close-by food stall market was closed, so we went to a little local restaurant and didn’t really know how the picture-menu worked… We ended up choosing food by asking what the people around us had, and ordered that. We had was noodles, pork, water and sweet coffee.


The menu

Then we went to a big westernized shopping mall, got a little overwhelmed by the full-on city experience with big shops, Christmas decorations and sales-offers.


Huge shopping mall

The place we’re staying at is very modern and comfortable, we have a kitchen (!), a washing maschine, a pool on the area and super fancy cafées on the bottom floor.


Flowers in the city

What seems to be nice with this city is the mix of green areas, the river and ocean, walking paths, city life and different food places.


Bronson the cat

Something we enjoy a lot is to have shifts in our life: city life and beach life, simple food and well-made reataurant dinners, lots of people and time alone, living in modern places and staying someplace more simple.

Tonight we’re taking it easy and tomorrow; we’ll see what happens!

Stay cool!
// Anders and Wivan

We really like this Khao Lak


View from our room

After a couple of hours of “scouting” around the central parts of Khao Lak, north of Phuket in Thailand, the thought strikes me.

It seems to be a nice place and I like it this far.


The Nang Thong beach

On the airport in Singapore last night we talked about it, since I had remembered once again, that one of the basics for me to feel free in life is to be able to be outside; to walk and move around without fear or stress. To walk and not having to tell a hundred people I don’t want to buy their things or ride in a taxi, to be able to stroll around without having to climb over, under or around lots of obstacles but rather move ahead.


Barefoot without burnt feet!

I missed it in Cairo, and I’ve missed it during parts of our time in Bali. Here it seems to be a good zone for people like me, that want to be able to walk safely on the streets, that like to stroll on a beach without vendors walking after you all the time. To be free. Outside.


Happy Wivis

And it’s beautiful here too! And we’ll be able to continue our diving, in new magic places that look fantastic on the pictures. So, we’ll stay for a while it seems like.


Walking, swimming, playing


Getting ready for moon ceremony

Today was the first little research day, and it gave such positive results we’ll continue tomorrow!

// Wivan


Places to get a massage

Within walking distance in Paris


AnWiSandberg by Tour Eiffel

This afternoon we’ve seen some of the sights we really had looked forward to while in Paris. Though we do have metro-tickets, we decided to start walking from our place at Pigelle Metro station.


Masterchef food truck by Seine

Before we knew it, we reached the river Seine and realized we would probably be able to reach some of the places by foot.


The opera house

A couple of pit stops on the road.


Caesar salad and an omelette

We really don’t like when it’s too crowded or too many tourists, so today we got to practice being around crowds for a bit and also enjoyed our walking a bit extra since we could take some roads that were less busy.


Lovely colors on the leaves

The parks and river side-walks brighten up the city feeling a lot.


The Eiffel tower

So, we got to see the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, the obelisk, the opera, petit and the grand Palais, Palais de Chaillote and Moulin Rouge and come back to our apartment, all by walking.


Famous entertainment

Of course we’ve seen lots and lots more things, people and situations, but these were some of the city’s major places. Pretty cool! And we have enjoyed it a lot.

Now, spending a quiet evening at “home”.
//Wivan and Anders


Full moon (almost) in Arc de Triomphe