Staycation mode

We’re working on our staycation skills at the moment. Enjoying the summer and possibilities close to home.

Beautiful view after a evening swim

Over the past months it’s been so warm and sunny that we have gotten into a routine of staying in the shade or inside to keep our baby, Louise, safe and sound.

Walking home with groceries

But staying home, inside behind curtains, has gotten a bit dull. And now Louise is a lot stronger and more stabile, so we’ve started to challenge ourselves to a little more adventures. Or at least to get out and meet the world little by little.

Clouds (!) at the beach the other day

Also, the change of lifestyle when having a baby has made us realize how much we have been out and about before. How easy it has been to take a bike ride, going for a dip in the ocean or cook dinner.

Next summer she probably won’t be as still!

Anyways, this has been a good time of reflection and to start and understand how fast things changes with a baby. From one week to the next it can be totally different.

Ferry ride home last week

Beautiful evening walk

Today we will meet some friends and stay in the shade with some coffee and food. Staycation is a good way to enjoy the close-by places!

Chinatown in Singapore

Took a walk to get to Chinatown this afternoon and after looking on a map in beforehand I felt pretty sure of direction and approximate distance.


Yey! Chinatown!

But, what sometimes happens when crossing wide streets and bridges is that the direction gets slightly off… So, I ended up in another park, and after walking through it I ended up walking around a huge construction site…


Everywhere shopping

The distance I actually walked surely was a bit further than what the map had shown, and I was sweating in the afternoon sun. But, it’s really good for my minds map of Singapore that I use to get around by foot.


Men gathered playing board games

After finally getting in to Chinatown and strolling up and down a few streets, looking at food stalls, shopping streets and centers, I found what I had set out to find: reflexology. I miss the massages I got in Thailand and Bali, so after reading several statements of great reflexology treatments here in Singapore, I really wanted to find a good place at a good price. Chinatown was my best bet.


Massage and reflexology heaven

There are many good quality, local style massage and reflexology places on the third floor of People’s Park Complex. I paid 18 Singapore dollars for a 45 minute massage. I have had reflexology a couple of times before, and I would love to say it feels very good and relaxing. Part of the time it does, part of the time it can be very painful. But, I know that my body usually reaponds well to the treatment and how it helps the entire system to heal and reboot, so, I take the good with the bad!


Pretty streets in Chinatown

It was a good massage today and I am curious to see what the body feels like tomorrow. Afterwards I found a somewhat more straight way back home, and even got some take-away Indian to bring home for dinner. That too, something I had longed for.


Lots of food for $10 (there's more outside the picture)

Take care and treat yourself with lots of kindness!


Interesting things to buy


Hungry for something special?


Chinese medicine store


Nice decorations


Happy to find a public bathroom

I walk so much I burn


One of the roads in Pemuteran

Before, we’ve written about the crazy traffic in Bali, and the difficulties to walk without being afraid of traffic or getting dozens of annoying sales-offers along the way.


Empty beach in Pemuteran

Well, here in Pemuteran on the north-west coast of Bali, it’s different. It’s much more quiet, the small village is known for the lack of sales people, and locals live in between hotels, guest houses and restaurants.


Empty souvenir shop

I enjoyed this so much yesterday, I ended up walking for over two hours, looking around the village, checking out the entire beach in both directions and walking in between small houses, boats and fisher huts.


Extra wide fishing boat

So, for the first time in years, I got burnt in the sun. I hadn’t brought any sun screen lotion on my walk, and forgot to put it on before… So, that’s really a sign of how unusual it’s been for us to take a long walk since arriving in Bali!


Walk the other night


Time alone among others

It’s been a rather people-intense week since our hosts came back from their vacation, and we’ve been working together most of the days and spent time with guests/visitors most days. I do love to be around people and yet am in need of time alone every now and then.
This morning I felt in need of some extra time just being on my own – something that can be rather rare when living as a guest in someone else’s house.

One of our jobs

One of our jobs

But, here’s the lovely thing about being honest, and staying at really nice people’s place – it’s ok! At a small break during today’s work, I said that I felt a little tired “on the inside” and needed some time alone. So, after lunch when I asked what the plan was for the rest of the day, the spontaneous answer was: “Aren’t you going on a walk, or a bike ride on your own?”.

Anders' photo art

Anders’ photo art

Love it! It was like they had planned for me to get away for a bit, to be alone and it was nothing odd or any hard feelings, rather totally natural. So I took a walk with a fresh podcast in my headphones and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Then a dip in the pool, a shower and some yoga in our room and here I am now, ready to face other people again!

Nice huh!?

See ya! // Wivan

Morning walk and back to bed


The sun starting to come out

The past few days I’ve started to wake up earlier than before (don’t set an alarm) and the weather has been really good so I’ve taken Lucky for an early morning walk. And it’s so quiet in the village.


Lucky taking in all the smells

To keep it easier for me, and calmer for the dogs, I take them separately for longer walks every day. And Lucky is my morning companion.


Sky and clouds colored by the sun

Yesterday I drove off to Santa Cruz after the walk and had a swim and a few hours of sun bathing before noon.


Cool star fish

This morning I am a bit tired and went back to bed for a nap and some reading – luxury huh!?


Natural pools in Santa Cruz

It’s a bit easier for me to just get going in the morning and I love the quiet and freshness of a new day. But I have been in “training” with Anders (he’s an expert) to relax and also see when more rest is needed. So sometimes I do it this way.


Natural "jet stream"

Happy Sunday to you all! And Happy Mother’s Day in Sweden!

//Wivan, the star fish wannabe


… this is what a morning looks like for us at Flores.


View over the southern part of Lajes

Today we brougt our breakfast up the mountain “behind” our village.


Sunshine with a view


Lucky was most excited about our morning tour

Usually Wivan is the one getting up first, while Anders is the one staying up late at night. This morning we got up at the same time and left the house before 8.30.


Our picnic lover #1


Enjoying the sun and the view

It’s something special to get out on a sunny morning like this. We’re grateful to be here and to catch some of the moments that show up.


Morning coffee above sea level

Did we say storm?


This morning's walk in heavy rain and mist

This morning it wasn’t raining at all when I got out with Lucky. So I left the rain pants at home when we drove off in the car to get out of the village.


Selfie on the walk...

Driving up the hills it was all white and misty. And raining. Quite heavy rain by the time we got out of the car. And I was laughing at my foolish choice of leaving the water proof pants at home when I was totally soaked after about three minutes out in the rain. The water trailed along the legs down into my socks and shoes.

We didn’t walk for long and when getting back into the car a guy stopped and asked if everything was ok. ‘Everything is great’ was my respons, giggling when entering the driver’s seat soaking wet.


A cup of tea in front of the kitchen door

Back in the house I found that even my t-shirt and underwear were soaked, and I learned my lesson (until next time).


Today we kept the shutters closed on all windows

It’s been raining in underneath the entrance door today, and the windows in the kitchen door are the only ones that haven’t got shutters. So I was sitting on the counter top, drinking tea and listening to a podcast while Anders took a bath.

The forecast looks like it’s going to continue being quite windy and somewhat rainy the coming days. Though, since things tend to shift fast here, we can probably also get some sun between the showers tomorrow.

// Wivan, now warm and cozy while the wind keeps on and the rain hits the shutters

Early Monday morning

Got up early this morning to take Lucky the dog for a walk outside the village. We left the house before sunrise and went looking for a spot to park the car and get to see the sun rise.


Well worth to get out of bed

Love driving on the lonely roads across the island,  most of them showing scenery we’ve never seen in any place before.


A few seconds of rest...

Most dogs love coming to new places, and Lucky is no exception. She runs around sniffing and wagging her tail like crazy.


Beautiful light on the way back

We’re expecting more rain and heavy winds again soon, and the clouds started to pile up on the way back home.

Off to the Azores

It was an early start, alarm set on 3.30 am, and then a 10 minute walk to the Blagnac airport in Toulouse. We’re so early not even the shops or cafés are open yet. Lucky we had some fruit left in the bag.


Free wifi at the airport

Soon time for Paul to open, and maybe, just maybe, we grab a coffee before boarding.

Enjoy your day! Next time we write will be from the island of Flores.
//Anders and Wivan


Paul coffeeshop at the airport