Details vs. bigger picture

Zooming in.

Have you thought about what picture you tend to look at if you face a problem, struggle or meet resistance in life?

The bigger picture.

Are you one who usually look at the small pieces, details and close-ups to find fault?

Or do you see a greater view, the wider horizon and how it all comes together in the long run?

Do you see one mis-colored apple, or the whole picture?

My experience is that some of us look for details, search for faults and problems without trying to see the greater picture: how it all comes together.

How would a greater view effect our conclusions and decisions about a person, a relationship or a situation instead of judging it from the past hour, day or week?

Could looking at it from a broader horizon help us be a bit more patient with ourselves and others? Maybe. Probably.

View: a greater perspective.

Sometimes if I think I am stuck, or I belive that there are only tiny pieces, not a large puzzle, it really helps to try and lift my head up or step up on a chair (or climb a hill) just to get another view – both another view of the thing in particular but also on my small thinking or what I believe my struggles are.

This was a sweaty and hard early morning climb.

This also works as a mental excercise when stuck – take a mental step back, or remind yourself of a longer time perspective and see what possibilities that opens up for you.

Was it worth the climb? Oh, yes!

Maybe a friend, collegue or someone in your family can help you see a bigger picture if you find yourself totally stuck.


3.37 jetlag


Early Friday

The first night here in Frisco, Colorado I woke up at 2 am after about four hours of sleep. Jetlag.
This last night I didn’t wake up until 3.37, so it’s going the right way.


Beautiful sunrise behind the mountains

The cool thing about getting up unneccesary early is to see the sun come up.


Through my bedroom window

The town of Frisco is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains with beautiful views all around.


Even the parkings have a view

Since we’re on high altitude (9000 ft/2700m), it takes a few days to adjust, and needs a bit of caution not to get sick.


Went for some shopping today

It’s great to hang out with the family here, and to be part of at least some of the preparations for next weekend’s graduation party for my nephew.


Early Friday pic

Take care! // Wivan



Windy day on the island some weeks ago

She has left the building…
My work at the radio station is over for now, and I took a train to Malmö.

We’re staying in a hotel tonight and tomorrow Anders is off to Sicily for a week. I’m flying to surf camp on Sunday morning.


View from Scandic Triangeln


Super fresh room with a great view

Now I am off to the gym!

<3 Kristianstad


View over Helgeå

Walking with a friend, biking on my own, listening to podcasts, sitting on a bench; there are many ways to experience this natural beauty.


One of many paths close to the city center

Have found a new way to get my very own morning coffee on the go:


Morning coffee take away...

… in a glass bottle, insulated by a wool sock. Works very well!


City view from Naturum

Afternoon view over the water and parts of the town.

Look for a new angle

One of my favorite scenes from the animated movie Big Hero 6, is when one of the main characters, Hiro, is swirled and shaken around on the shoulders of his elder brother in an attempt to “shake things up” and “look for a new angle” to solving a problem. Sometimes doing something totally different than sitting at a desk and ‘solving the problem’ is the perfect thing to do.

Today's Skype call with Helena

Today’s Skype call with Helena

Earlier today I had a Skype call with a good friend and Master Mind colleague, Helena, who’s an expert at looking at things from different angles and helping others to see new perspectives. We were going to talk about how we can help each other with a couple of different projects and what actually needs to be done. That was my angle. And when we finished, Helena had helped me see a totally different perspective, and things got so much clearer in my head. (and new questions had started to form too ;-)).

This is also where Helena is a master at “holding a space” for others to be in, in this case me. Because I felt a little lost and ashamed – I “should” know what I’m doing, right!? And I “should” just get it done. But something has held me back and by listening behind my words, Helena helped me see another angle and to actually bring clarity to some thoughts I’ve had over the past few days.

A swim is a great way to change perspective for me

A swim is a great way to change perspective for me

Being held in a space of love means that I can be me, full out, without feeling like I have to guard my human experience.

– Helena Roth –

Still, like a Swedish summer night

Still, like a Swedish summer night

Tonight I also got to see the physical world from a new perspective. The place I had thought of visiting was “taken” by someone else, so I looked for a new place around the corner.

Who would have known...

Who would have known…

... this old house had such a great view!

… this old house had such a great view!

Fajã Grande, Flores

Fajã Grande, Flores