After about one hour

After all the walking yesterday, I got a clear thought of wanting to do something about all the rubbish that’s laying around on the beaches and streets. We both want to do this, but since Anders has a slight case of “Bali belly” (upset stomach), I went ahead and started with our plan today.


Lots and lots of plastic

The first challenge was to get something to collect all the trash in – and even though there’s lots of plastic laying around, large sacs are unusual. But our big blue bag from the laundry place, a shopping bag and a couple of large bags from our hotel did the trick.


Garbage mixed with sand

Next challenge was to pass several groups of people, gathered for a hindu funeral ceremony. There I was, in the middle of people offering, praying and walking with the ashes of the dead person into the ocean.


Covered to protect from the sun

Finally I made it to the beach I had thought of and got started. About one hour later the bags were filled and so heavy I hardly managed to walk all the way back.


So much more...

Then it came to finding the gardener at the small hotel where we stay and have him help me find the garbage place and dump it all into the container – because the bags will be reused for our next trash-picking-adventure.

With love,


A slight difference

Old times

Anders enjoying this task

Anders enjoying this task

Anders is sorting out papers and clearing up among his things before packing the stuff into boxes.

Some fun things are found, like notebooks, grades from school and photos.

Same person :-)

Same person 🙂

Posted this last picture on Instagram, with the hashtag #anwisa, and you find Wivan’s account: wivankristina