Perspective vs being a part

After a walk and swim at the beach, watching the morning air clear up and the seagulls looking for food in the low tide, it hit me what a good metaphor it is for other things in life.


Overlooking the beach

The beach where I was this morning is surrounded by high cliffs with a beautiful view of the beach, the ocean and the surroundings. Down at the beach, you come close to the water, the seagulls, and the cliffs rise up behind whilst you are in the middle of the action.

So, I can stand on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean and see the big perspective. Or I can walk down to the beach, feel the sand under my feet, step into the water, see the seagulls walking on the reef and be a part of what’s happening.


Down at the beach

It’s like with our thoughts: either we choose to be a part of them, to believe they’re all true and act on them, or we can watch them come and go, not acting on everything we think.

That’s it for now, just wanted to share a little morning clearness with you!

Enjoy the day! // Wivan

A few weeks later

A lot has happened and at the same time not so much in the past couple of weeks.

We’ve been busy with the two dogs we have at our current house sit, and the first week here we even had another house + pets parallel to this one.


Morning walk with Bunty and Boo Boo

So the past weeks we’ve taken long walks daily and Wivan have continued the work out routine she started early this year. Anders has been resting a lot since his shoulder got dislocated almost three weeks ago when we were snowboarding/skiing in the mountains. He’s now feeling a lot better and the body seems to heal well. Cross our fingers for him to be fully recovered in a few more weeks.


Hot chocolate in the afternoon sun

The past week we had our first visitors from Sweden since we started our tour in November. Our niece and nephew came to stay with us and we’ve done some sightseeing in the area, visited one of the local markets, had fika and talked about life. One day we even went across the border to Spain over the day.


Daytrip to Vielha in Spain

Now it seems like we’re finally landing a bit more steadily in our new way of life. It’s taken somewhat three months to relax deeper and to see/hear/feel the spinning thoughts slow down one at a time. Every day there still comes thoughts like “we should this or that” or “we probably need to do this” and every day we remind ourselves that there are very few things we actually have to do or that needs to be done this very minute. Instead we like to play a bit more and continuously ask ourselves what we’d really enjoy doing at this moment, or what we’d love to do next and go from that instead of should/would.


Delivery from Sweden: snus, coconut oil, lingonsylt, kaviar and Ormsalva heat lotion + some candy

It’s great to have the time to explore deeper within our own habits and thought patterns, what type of thinking that creates our beliefs and feelings in certain moments and to also have the ability to choose differently.

Take care and thanks for reading!
// Anders & Wivan

What it’s like in a new room

Imagine walking into a room where you’ve never been before. All is new to you; the space of the room, the ceiling, the furniture, the sounds, the floor, mats, decoration, windows and the light. It probably takes some time before you’ve taken it all in and registered the way of placing the furniture, how the light comes in to the room and how the colors play together on the walls.


Cairo sky

Maybe it’s a whole house you walk in to. Or a new village. Maybe even a completely (to you) unknown town. The colors are different from what you’re used to. The food, language and manners might be completely “opposite” to the way you usually do it, what you eat or how you’ve learned to talk.


Vegetable garden at our current house sit

An early morning this image of the room comes to my mind and I realize this is exactly what has happened to us in the past three months – everything is new or different, we learn new words, get to know new people, drive in unknown places and visit cities we’ve never even thought of before. The food and culture varies from what we’re used to and our way of life has changed since we moved out of our house, quit work and started travelling.

With that in mind, it’s not very surprising that we’re tired at times and that all the impressions take time to digest and take in.


One of the six horses we're looking after

Since a week we’re back in France, in a small village on the country side south of Toulouse. We enjoy beautiful views of the Pyrenees, fresh air, lots of locally produced food and wonderful people taking care of us, inviting for dinners and events, calling to check we’re ok and being friendly in all sorts of ways.

We’re house sitting at a small farm with six horses and two cats. It’s a totally different way of living compared to Cairo. This is a life close to nature and we get to be outdoors a lot. Though we don’t work in the sense a lot of people do and we don’t have many obligations, we still get tired and need to rest.


Giza pyramids

This is what we’ve asked for – change, variety, different. And here we are, loving it and enjoying all the bits and pieces that puts our days together, puts our life together. Old habits fall away, new skills and knowledge appear, thoughts and patterns that no longer serves us disappear, new ones come up in the quiet and stillness of the calm country life.


Anders together with the horses


Sweating at the media

How interesting it is to get to know sides of yourself you weren’t aware of or haden’t noticed before.
Yesterday we were interviewed by a journalist from a local newspaper and I was sweating like crazy almost the whole time. Sure, I’ve worked as a journalist myself for many years and have been in plenty of interviews… the thing is that mostly it’s been me doing the interview and not the other way around.

Pensée and a fly

Pensée and a fly

As I write this I realize I did some quite challenging things on live radio last fall, where I was being very open and personal in talks with others, and that too was at times sweaty and brought up fear.

What actually was going on in me yesterday was thoughts of not getting our story “right” = a fear of not being good enough/being judged or to offend someone. Part of this is a habit of mine to take responsibility for other’s feelings or reactions, which of course can’t be my job – everyone needs to take care of their own best, and how could I even protect someone before anything even happened?

Wild wine

Wild wine

Part of what we “do” as we now sell the house, move out and start travelling is to follow our dream, based upon who we are and what we like. That stands for us and is nothing that we do in order to affect anyone or point fingers at someone, it’s just the choice we do for us.

When those fears show up it’s clearly thoghts of what others might think, say or do that play games in my head, nothing of it is true or real. Just stories made up. Still, they feel very real in the moment.

And I appreciate to be able to see how I tend to pull myself back a little, playing a bit smaller than I usually do, in order not to offend or push some buttons within other people in those situations.

Pretty cabbage

Pretty cabbage

Part of our journey is to live more fully, meaning also embracing those feelings, thoughts and scary things. So, I embrace them as they are and know they’re not me, at least not all of me and not who I am, it’s all thought and our thinking shifts from moment to moment.

Today I choose to be extra gentle with myself and let the growth on the inside settle a bit. // Wivan


Diving deep into the maze

Diving deep into the maze

Ever changing

How can I be sitting in the sofa with no rush to the next thing in my schedule and still feel stress rising up inside just by recieving some messages on the phone? They say nothing that affects the next couple of hours, nothing that causes problems and aren’t things to take care of. It’s just some nice invitations for dinner and requests for a cup of coffee before we move to Spain in the beginning of November.

View from the sofa, fireplace and all

View from the sofa, with the fireplace and all

How come there’s stress moving around inside at the same time as the fire place heats up the room and the sun is shining outside?

Because our thoughts can drift off so quickly, leaving the body and creating stories around things in the future or the past. So my thinking in the moment creates stress at this time, wheras another time I can be busy as a bee doing a ton of things and yet feel totally calm on the inside – when my thinking is calm.

In our thoughts we can go to any place at any time

In our thoughts we can go to any place at any time

So, for a moment I let my thoughts drift off, creating stories around what those invitations mean, how we’ll be extremely busy with meeting friends and family at the same time as we need to/want to get our packing and cleaning around the house done.

That’s a story I am telling myself. There’s nothing real in it until I make it real by believing every part of it, seeing and feeling the stress and “problems” before it’s even happened.

It’s funny how much of our time we spend creating stories of what life is like and what things mean or don’t mean. We make the whole thing up as we go of what is important and what we trust as real. I know this, and yet I can feel stress in the moment sitting in the sofa. And I also know that my thinking will keep changing, from time to time. So I just accept what I think and what I feel, trusting the ever changing in and of life.

// Wivan