Can’t really contain the happiness

It feels like bubbles, sweetness, joy and excitement all at once. Waking up tired this morning, not knowing how I wanted to spend the day. Reading in bed until an urge of going to a café came up, walking in the sun, longing for shade and a cup of coffee.


At the Qcumber café

Ended up in the small Qcumber café in southern Khao Lak, a place that inspired me the first time I saw it, and today I finally went in. A wonderful smoothie and a good cappuccino, the sense of real passion and high quality made me ask about their cooking classes. And later we booked it, and tonight it’s happening – Anders and I together with a teacher, cooking five thai dishes! And eating it.

Yey! We’ll be expanding our knowledge and be able to make some good thai food on our own soon.

Peace out!

Thai food love story


Papaya salad x2 + Pad Thai

Something we totally love about being in Thailand is the food. So good!


Great soup and a bbq beef salad

Fresh ingredients, many different varieties of spices and spicy-ness, wonderful fruits and fresh seafood and fish.


Breakfast outside our bungalow

Papaya salads with cucumber and tomato is something we’ve been obsessed with over the past days…


Easy to ask for how spicy it shall be

Anders loves the seafood soups and stews.


Fried seafood with vegetables

Often the same dish looks different and has small varieties depending on where you get them.


Another papaya salad


Variation of Tom Yam soup