Shifting tempo

It’s interesting to see how a shift of tempo effects so many areas; thinking, eating, walking, talking.


A lot of drawing last weekend

Since a few days I’ve spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s to help and look after her because she’s been ill. Mostly I’ve been keeping her company to just be around if she needs me. Quiet, still and slow. Time to slow down, reflect and not do so much.

Now it’s time for me to work for a few more days and the tempo has shifted; getting up early, packing, walking quickly, being on time, producing and keeping a deadline.


Going to town

For me, the shifts are good to have, it gives perspective and helps me appreciate both the slower times and the faster. Work and rest. Company and time alone. Walking slowly and running. Organize/booking and having no plans.


Grandma's flowers

What shifts in your life do you appreciate the most? Is there balance between the different tempos, or is it too much or too little of something?

Wake up to the tempo of your life.
With love,