A summer has gone by

And fall is here.

It’s been a different type of summer for us. After being in Spain in April/May, we stayed in Sweden all summer. We hoped for all to go well, wanted to believe it would but couldn’t really relax until summer was almost over. I rested a lot, Anders cooked food and took great care of me and we were thankful for all that we have.

Now we’ve come more than half way. We’re expecting a baby in February!

Yep, the last IVF-treatment did it’s job and there’s a lively, healthy baby joining our family in about four months time.

So the journey of life brings yet new experiences and we’re happy and grateful to be part of it all.

Have a nice weekend and take care!



Swedish summer


The place where I grew up

Arrived in Stockholm this afternoon after a very smooth flight from Lisboa.


Arlanda airport

Got a call from Anders just as I walked out of the airport and started crying, and people were looking but I was just emotional for several reasons.


Stockholm central station

Never packing this heavy again – no more food and stones in the bag!


Happy girl

Have had a nice evening together with parts of the family, really loved all the hugs and kisses I got! And the food…


This road I've walked many times

Time for bed, I have a “busy” day tomorrow ;-).

Lots of sunshine! // Wivan