Beauty and sunshine in Colorado


My nephew fly fishing in a stream

Yesterday was another beautiful day with great weather and lots of different activities. In the morning my sister in law and I biked to the next town to get bagels.
Unfortunately (or not) I forgot the phone at home and didn’t get any pictures, but the ride was SO beautiful along a lake with blue sky, mountains and only a little traffic.


Getting ready to go fishin'

In the afternoon I went to hang out with my nephew when he was fishing, and I even got to borrow those water-proof pants and everything! I didn’t fish, but felt very professional anyways ;).

Those who knows me well know I have a thing for dressing up in full gear to get a complete experience, and I become like a kid who proudly wears a little Police shirt or a fire fighter’s hat.


My hat for fishing...

So even if I only walked out into the stream once, knowing I had those special pants and boots was enough.


My fisher guide

It was nice to hang out with this 18-year old boy whom I’ve known since he was a baby, but haven’t always seen very much of.

Jetlag is getting in better control. Today I didn’t wake up until five!

Make it a day worth remembering.
With love,