Intense first week back in Sweden

Last weekend by the pool.

Last Sunday I went back to Sweden after two great weeks in Spain with Anders. He is staying two weeks by himself at our house sit. We had planned for that and still it was both sad and hard to wave goodbye at the airport. I really loved the place and we had such good times together during my time off from work.

Mending a broken parasoll…

Since there was wifi on the plane back I spent a lot of time looking at other ideas for traveling in the future 🙂 this trip and time in a warmer and sunnier climate got my travel bug started again! It’s like my body awakes when it’s warm and sunny, and life just becomes easier and simpler.

Coffee at the airport.

Coming back to Sweden and work wasn’t too bad though I got less than four hours of sleep before getting up Monday morning (I start working at 5.30 am). And thanks to great collegues I have had a very fun week at work, except the cold weather and extreme tiredness I get from my IVF-medicine right now. Most days it feels like I’m drunk from when I get up until I go to bed. And I keep forgetting things and what my priorities are, so I am very grateful to the nice people around me who keeps telling me to rest and only do what I want in my spare time. This is not the time for big projects or effectiveness!

My breakfast today.

It was a great thing to start the treatment for this third IVF-cycle in Spain though, where I had no problem to rest and just do whatever felt good all day long. I belive I had less side-effects from the meds there and part of it might be thanks to my “airy” schedule. This was a big difference from last treatment, when it was a lot tougher right from the start. And all the time I keep reminding myself of why we do this and am always grateful for the Swedish tax system that means we only pay a little part of the cost for these medicines.

Flowering trees in Sweden.

This weekend I let myself totally free and do just as much as I feel like, or rest. It’s a sunny day and I need to get some sun screen on before I go outside.

Take care and keep remembering what’s good in your life.

Love, Wivan 

Don’t worry ’bout a thing

View from where I walked, overlooking where we stay.

During a long, nice walk today (rain stopped after two days) I re-visited some insights from before:

NO need to worry in beforehand. It’s waste of energy, joy and time.

City-life can be fun, but the country side I love!

Spanish wine growing on The Country side.

While walking the old Bob Marley classic started playing in my head: Everything’s gonna be alright. Afterwards I found a wonderful mixed version by Jason Mraz ❤. I love it!

Walking in my train-driver’s hat :-).

Gratitude and house sitting in Spain

The Swedish pool-boy and I.

The happiness over finding this way of travelling, and the wonderful people and places we’ve come to over the years is overwhelming.

After a looong winter in Sweden we’re now in Spain to house sit for a month. Or, Anders will stay the whole month and I’ll go back to work after two weeks here. 

This is it! Beautiful setting.

We found this great place via Trusted Housesitters, and soon got a positive response from the owners. Let’s face it – we’ve gotten good reviews which helps us when applying for new sits.

One of the two cats.

Here there are two cats to look after, and an extra house to check on once in a while. It’s a beautiful location in the country side and there’s even a pool to swim in when the weather is good.

Rain today.

We got here last Sunday and have had good weather this far. Today it’s raining = less watering for us and happy plants 🙂

These first days we’ve gotten to know the place and the cats a bit better, enjoyed the weather by the pool, cooked some great food and have enjoyed tapas, sangria and good local cava outside.

Our own patatas bravas, and a kick-ass dip sauce.

Since we’re outside of town, we need a car to get to the store etc and we probably want to go to the beach some day and also do some sightseeing. So we’ve rented a car for the whole month Anders will be here.

This is one of the perks of staying for free when house sitting – there’s money over to spend on other things than accomodation.

Wild Thyme and Rosemary by the road.

Take care and remember to dream big!

// Wivan

Our story from A to Z

Some of you reading this blog know us already. Some have found us through a friend or by searching for something on the web. Maybe you’re a WordPress-blogger yourself and saw a new blogger showing up in the feed.

Let’s take it from the beginning. Or, where we see this journey started:

Since way back we’ve had ‘dream boards’ in our house. Simply card board or large papers with lots of pictures on them. Pictures and texts that inspire us, things we’re dreaming of and wishing to give/recieve/achieve/places to go, or things to experience.

One of the pictures on one of our dream boards: Gilleleje in Denmark

One of the pictures on one of our dream boards: Gilleleje in Denmark

In the summer of 2013 Wivan got a very clear vision during a yoga and meditation class. The insight at this time was that it’s possible for us to travel for a longer time, or to move abroad. That we’re not tied down to the place we live, and that we’re actually free to do whatever we want.

After that we started talking about the possibilities of this vision to actually become reality and to sell our house. We were doing research on house-sitting in Australia, how the legal things looked for travellers in South America and if it would be possible to bring our dog along.

In the early fall of 2013 we had four different real estate agents coming to look at and value our house – just wanting to check who we’d like to take care of us and the sale of our place.

Anders started talking to his boss about getting a transfer to the office in Tokyo, Japan – as a possible way to get a head start in travelling and living abroad for a few years.

Vacation in Bulgaria, september 2013. Building our dream stronger

Vacation in Bulgaria, september 2013. Building our dream stronger

Since we didn’t know where we’d like to go, we tested quite a few ideas of New Zealand, Thailand, southern Europe, Asia and what not. We knew we’d like to stay in a place that’s warm and sunny – not having to live through the rather cold and dark Swedish winters. We were clear on not making any decisions until we actually knew where we’d like to go – in order not to just escape but actually have a place we’d like to get to.

In the spring of 2014 we wanted to check out the possibilities of starting up a business with Mannatech in Spain – we had heard some rumours of the company wanting to open in Spain and we decided to check out a couple of cities and meet with some people there. When visiting Wivans uncle south of Alicante and then taking the train to Barcelona we realized it felt like being home. That’s where the spark ignited.

Fresh lemons on the tree, in Spain March 15th 2014

Fresh lemons on the tree, in Spain March 15th 2014

What if we would actually check out the possibilities of living in Spain? The costs of living are much lower there than in Sweden. How long could we stay on the money we had?

Since we’re rather fast once we’ve gotten an idea, we started planning for moving, talking to the real estate agent and preparing her for a move further on in the spring.

Made another trip to Alicante and Torre de la Horadada where we found out it’s a village we’d like to stay in. And we checked out details regarding a company we’d like to buy and run together.

Anders on the beach of Alicante, Spain, in april 2014

Anders on the beach of Alicante, Spain, in april 2014

When we got back home, the preparations started in order to sell our house… And from that place is where this blog headed off. We started making videos, planning for the house and garden, checking details on the company and talking with friends and family.

During the summer we’ve spoken endless hours about what life might serve us when moving away from the country we both were born in. The process has sometimes been tough, scary, tiring and very educational. As a couple we’ve grown together, opening up more and more to our dreams and desires. We’ve looked at those dream-boards and seen that most of the pictures we’ve put up there actually are pictures of travels, ocean, sunny places… like the one we’re now planning on moving to. So instead of just travelling, we’ve extended the dream to actually try and move from Sweden.

The Mediterranean Sea in Torre de la Horadada

The Mediterranean Sea in Torre de la Horadada

For how long we’ll be living abroad we don’t know. If we buy the company it’ll be Spain for the coming years, if not we might be moving around for some time. We’ll see. And you know what? It’s lots of fun not knowing, it feels like we’re more alive than in a long, long time. We’re having more play, laughter, music and love in our daily lives than in many years. Just by making the decision to take a leap.

Everything at once

Got this word of wisdom on a teabag from Yogi tea the other night.

Now is the time!

Now is the time!

And that’s exactly what it’s like at the moment. Many things are happening at the same time and I believe we’re both a bit tired of all administrative things we’ve been up to since we signed a contract with a buyer of our house. It appeared that we needed to renovate quite big parts of our bathroom, so that has been started (ok, it’s not us doing the work but we’re filing a claim with the insurance company).

The former bathroom

The former bathroom

Except for the renovation, some new “interesting” things regarding our loans in the bank have shown up and at the same time we’re finishing the last parts of an offer to a company-owner.

And last night Anders sold his Harley Davidson motorcycle, a sad good bye and at the same time something he wanted to do as a preparation for our move.


Last night with the precious Fat Bob Harley Davidson

It’s been many different phone calls, talks about insurance, bank loans, craftsmen, advising, lists of to-do, percentages back and forth, online ads for things we want to sell, making packing-lists and what not.


Things to bring in the car to Spain

So in between all of that it’s kind of nice to start packing things up and numbering the boxes in wich we’re storing most of our belongings until we decide to get rid of them or bring them down to Spain in a year or so.

We’ve lived together for almost 16 years and I’m amazed and a bit overwhelmed over how many things we have. And what kind of things we’ve kept during the years. The big things, like furniture and so are ok, but I really dislike all the small stuff, those are the hardest to pack and know what to do with. Like 100 pens… or small souvenirs etc.

Boxes, the new black ;-)

Boxes, the new black 😉

But, when put in the perspective of that it’ll probably be a year until we start opening those boxes, I guess it’ll be a bit easier to choose what to actually keep and what to get rid of. It’s just a lot of logistics in getting rid of stuff too. Like finding people who want exactly those pens, or getting a friend to come and pick “their” thing up before we throw it away or give to charity.

When I googled “less things”, I found this cool project based blog, 365 less things which is written by two women who decided to declutter their homes by getting rid of one thing per day in one year’s time. Fun!

And if you’re still sceptic, see their ‘before and after’ pictures.

Ok, back to packing! No more paperwork at the moment, please 🙂

// Wivan