Not going anywhere

A moment to have coffee, and think about life

Haven’t slept all that well the past few nights, and I’ve wanted to really enjoy every moment so I have done a lot of little things.

And it’s been very nice at the beach, at the gym and at the sports bar to watch a game. But maybe, just maybe, the past six weeks of work and constantly meeting new people, planning and being at the top of my game have taken it’s toll. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of live interviews on the radio.

I’m tired and this morning I woke up with a weird ache in my leg. If it’s something I know, it’s that the body needs deep rest to heal and repair all the muscles and stress we put to it. So even though training is good, some really good sleep is crucial to recover.

At the beach the other day

Today I had thought of going to the gym again, or go swimming, or take a bike ride. But what I really wanted was to take a nap. So I did, and then felt like having a coffee (in the afternoon = crazy when wanting to sleep at night, but sometimes coffee is like therapy!), and now I enjoy a cup in stillness with some music and a feeling of that anything is possible.

A picture to help me remember the amazing colors

Sometimes it is so clear how all our thinking about what is good and important stands in the way of our ability to take care of ourselves and really do what we need in that very moment.

Now I need to be my best buddy for a while and just love to hang out and do what feels pleasurable and fun, without a “smart” agenda or a grown-up-plan.

Throw-back to June and my morning hike with my niece in the Rockies

Love, joy and a bit of chocolate!


One of the biggest luxuries

Nowadays I often say: “Now I am going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me.”

After that I happily get ready to go to bed to sleep.


Karlskrona by night

This says a lot about how I used to live, how many “shoulds” I used to respond to in my daily life.

Now I prefer and enjoy being able to lovingly give myself permission to let go, rest and go to bed.

Most nights I sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night or super early morning and worry or start to thinking about… Things.

The gratitude towards life and towards my own gentle attitude is huge.

Thank you life and the love of myself!

// Wivan – Now going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me. Sleep when I am tired.


The habit of habits

Are you, like me, one of the people of this world who easily falls in to patterns, creating routines and think you need them? Or are you one of those who just go with the flow, whatever feels right in the moment is your pick and not one day looks like the other?

Some mornings I'm on the yoga mat

Some mornings I’m on the yoga mat

Found myself realizing how different our current lifestyle is compared to earlier, when it comes to routines and habits. And how easy it is to slip in to habits or wanting to create routines in order to feel a bit “safe” and comfortable.

The way we have arranged our life now it’s a constant change of place, pets, people, setting and surroundings. Thereby, all sorts of habits fall away after a very short time, which at times can be a challenge for someone with a habit of having habits!

Some mornings we do a hike

Some mornings we do a hike

At the same time it’s good to see all of this from a new perspective, to see how I used to box myself into those patterns, habits and schedules of mine. For example, I practice yoga, and have done so more or less regularly for about eight or nine years. At times I’ve been extremely rigid about this, following certain programs, taking early morning classes and adapting to whatever the teacher said we should do. So, even if I was low in blood sugar and felt a bit weak, I knew it was the “right” thing not to eat before class in the morning, so I didn’t. At the end of the class I felt fatigued, sometimes a bit dizzy and ill. But that was my routine.

Some days we're at the coast, sun bathing and swimming

Some days we’re at the coast, sun bathing and swimming

Another example is how I’ve been holding on like crazy to things I knew were good for me, but without any type of reality check or actually seeing how that holding on can back fire. Being extremely certain at getting up at 5 am in the morning, knowing that’s the “best” time of the day and being able to do a lot of things in the morning before work… that’s been a great way of being sleep deprived as soon as something stretches your night routine longer than 10 pm.

Let me tell you, I’ve been very stubborn and held on to a lot of “things” or ideas of sort. Anders has been the anchor, helping me to stay grounded and also questioning me. Can’t believe he’s stayed sane (!?) during those times, not hitting his head against the wall more often than he has!

Some mornings we just sit in the sun, enjoying our time together

Some mornings we just sit in the sun, enjoying our time together

So, here I am, with no certain routines or schedules, actually trying to mess a bit with the dog’s schedule not to have them too excited about dinner time or morning walks – that makes it easier and more calm for everybody. I do find myself starting to hold on to some type of “routines” from time to time, and then I start questioning myself if I really need it, if it’s important or serves me in any way.

What habits and routines do you have?

// Wivan

Does bedding count?

The things we say

So, we’ve committed to live abroad for about eight months to come. Or, that’s what it looks like at the moment.

About ten days ago we moved out of our house and stored away the furniture and things we haven’t already sold. Some things are in our “home away from home”, at Wivan’s mom’s place.

The other night we both woke up at four in the morning, for different reasons, and Wivan felt uncomfortable and had thoughts about the sheets in the bed not being the way she likes them the best. It’s really no idea to even complain about it, since we don’t have an option at the moment. Or we’ve choosen it to be this way, and it’s time to face the consequences of our choices.


We are happy we have a bed to sleep in, that someone (the owner of the place we currently house sit at) provides us with a bed, sheets and towels, and that we’re able to visit new places, get to meet with unknown friends and explore life and the world a bit more.

There are many things we like in certain ways. But when it comes down to what’s really important, most of it doesn’t matter anymore. When we’ve discussed those type of things the past week we’ve realized that living like this, with a backpack each and some extra things in the car, we’re challenging our standards, values and get to see what really counts and how many things that all of a sudden falls away and how flexible we are and can be.



Sure, when we can pick whatever we want we might choose something in particular, but when keeping life more simple by owning and bringing less things, all of a sudden we see it a bit different. Wonder what’ll happen and change in our thinking regarding things, certain ways and routines the coming eight months. The journey just started!


Essential landing


On the ferry to Germany

Within 24 hours from leaving Höör on Wednesday, we reached our destination in the inland of the Aquitaine region in the southwest of France. With 1,5 hours of sleep in the car on a parking lot south of Paris we were happy to find our way very well the last few hours of driving.

After a warm greeting and a quick tour we went for a short walk in the tiny town we’re now staying. Got back to the house, had some tea and then slept for about half an hour.


Beautiful details from our walk

That’s what this post is actually about. To rest and sleep. Because that’s an basic need as humans, and yet quite a few of us tend to skip the need of rest and sleep in order to be more “effective” or to be able to do more things during our waking hours.

This morning we got to sleep in. Wivan woke up around 9 am and went downstairs to talk to the house owners before they left. And then she took a nap on the sofa.

Wivan's pillow case from her childhood

Wivan’s pillow case

Anders woke up a few hours later and have been up since while Wivan had a hard time staying awake and had another nap by noon :-).

Our bodies are wise, thay know we need lots of rest to settle down and recover from weeks of extreme situations with many emotionally strong moments, lots of packing and planning, hard work and at the same time selling the house. An extreme car trip on top of that and it’s no wonder we’re tired, confused and in need of “nothingness”.

Small plaza in a small French village

Small plaza in a small French village

Our thoughts keep saying we “should” go outside, that we ought to do some sightseeing, that the blog needs to be updated, that we should write to everyone who’s written comments on Facebook and that we absolutely have to start practice French… Among lots of other things.

Our bodies keep on being wiser than that and reminds of rest and the knowledge that things will be solved and sorted out in due time. Just have to remember that we do so much better after some sleep or hours of doing “nothing”. A nice walk, some excercise, a movie, some reading or cooking can also do as great recovery and landing – there’s no one and only way.

Breakfast in front of the pellets burner

Breakfast in front of the pellets burner

At times it seems to be of great importance to do stuff, to be effective, to get things done. And yet other times it’s far more important to remember we first need to take care of ourselves and listen to warnings, such as normally fun activities seeming dull or that the thinking is’nt working properly – those are signs of need to slow down, to rest or to let go for a while and maybe do something totally different.

How do you listen to your signs and signals? And what’s your favourite way of resting?

Here are some more pictures from our trip from Sweden to France:

Cool interior in the bathroom at a gas station

Cool bathroom at a gas station


Our "snack bag" with yoghurt, veggies, fruits, candy, bread and water among other things.

Our “snack bag” with yoghurt, veggies, fruits, candy, bread and water among other things.





1.30 am brushing our teeth

At 1.30 am Anders is brushing his teeth


Tuesday night in Malmö

Tuesday night in Malmö


Fresh strawberry picked on the 7th of November!

Fresh strawberry picked on the 7th of November!


After a 5 am-drop-off in Paris, our friend DID find the Eiffel tower later the same day... We were happy just to find our way out of the city!

After a 5 am-drop-off in Paris, our friend DID find the Eiffel tower later the same day… We were happy just to find our way out of the city!


Thanks for sharing the picture. We didn't get to see it irl, maybe next time And then we won't drive ourselves!

Thanks for sharing the picture. We didn’t get to see it irl, maybe next time And then we won’t drive ourselves!