Yummy Saturday dinner for €1,3


In this place I bought dinner

When passning this place to go for dinner last night, we were amazed by how good it smelled from the grill and how many people were eating outside.

So tonight we decided to bring home some street food, and were totally satisfied with both price and taste.


Blurry pic of the men packing our food

Not only was the service fast and good, the guys working in the stand were super nice and friendly.


Small paper packages

Smart food containers made of plastic lined paper, and stampled into shape.


One portion of rice, meat and sauce

It was so delicious and very much worth the cost of 20.000 Rupiah per portion, that is about 1,30 Euro or 1,5 USD.

Just wanted to share a really good Bali food-moment! Anders is now planning for us to pick up food from the same place two times tomorrow!