Separate ways


Sightseeing last Saturday

Now Anders is off to main land Portugal, to stay in Lisboa a few days before returning to Sweden for the first time in almost seven months.

I’m staying here on the island for another two weeks before going to Stockholm and a family reunion, so it’ll be three weeks until the two of us get together again.


Anders outside airport security

Seven months we’ve been together every single day. Seen new places, finding our way to different houses (without gps), getting to know people and pets, trusting other people’s kindness, talked about life and our innermost fears, joys and dreams, explored and lived.


The dogs didn't want Anders to leave

We’ve split our First Aid Kit in two and taken one mobile charger each… And yes, it most likely will be odd not spending time together tomorrow. And the coming 21 days.


Anders, the camera man

Now it’s a new time in our lives and again; a chance to embrace change.