After breakfast

Sunrise, before my breakfast

This Thursday holds many possibilities, as most days do. Sometimes we might forget all the possible things to do, be, have or find – because we are busy planning or thinking about plans.

Now I have had vacation for almost two weeks, been at home all the time and enjoyed sleeping until the daylight comes – no alarm clock and no routines, just take the day as it is. Still there have been some planning going on: when to visit grandma, what day to go to the gym, calling to a office-person on certain hours and celebrating New Year on the exact day and time – that takes planning!

Coffee grinder

This morning I remembered what one of our friends in France use to say when we ask what’s on today’s schedule.

– After breakfast, he says.

No decisions until he’s had breakfast. Of course, he does have days that are planned: going to the market on Saturday or when friends are coming for dinner etc. But when it’s a blank day in the calendar, it’s always ‘after breakfast’.

Green breakfast smoothie with banana, spinach, avocado, raspberries, water, chili and ginger

Before breakfast today I took a walk and decided to not make any plans until I had eaten my breakfast. So here I am, finishing up my coffee, rice cakes and smoothie – with no idea of what comes next in this day.

Bialetti coffee maker doing its job

I love to play in life – not always being so serious or “grown up”. This too is a way of playing: to see what really wants to unfold today.

My morning meal is almost finished and I am excited to find out what comes out of this day!


A world of possibilities


My niece K on a walk

It’s more than a week until I head back to Sweden, and except for tomorrow and Thursday, I’ve got no plans.
To some that might be stressful or odd, to me it’s like a world filled with possibilities.


Snow the other day

When talking to my brother just ten minutes ago, I realized it really is a choice I’ve made – to be open to what comes. Rarely do I need to be entertained, especially here where there’s nature and beauty everywhere.

Sure, I hope to go for a couple of hikes, but I am at least as happy to just hang out, live in the local area, take a bike ride or just enjoy a cup of coffee and a book.


One of many walks

As we (Anders and I) have traveled so much and to many different places over the past year and a half, I see how I love to slow down a bit, not always go to new places. And I feel that I take in things, people and experiences a bit different nowadays, which needs to be processed. Or I’m just getting a bit older!?
I love to live like a local, not always do the obvious touristy things or pack in as many experiences as possible.


Nephew M parked the car for the party last weekend

When thinking about it, I see how keeping the schedule open, also gives a lot more openness to what feels fun or good at the time being, instead of being stuck with plans I’d rather get out of. My lovely American family needs to put up with having me around for a while longer since I am staying, and to me that also gives more chances to see the “kids” (16 and 18 years old) every now and then – one of the big reasons why I’m here. Since we don’t have kids of our own, our nieces and nephews are maybe even more important to us.


Chillaxing on the sofa

So, I look at my open schedule with a bit of “is it ok to do this in the Land-of-maximizing?”.

And the answer is: Hell Yes!

The way we have choosen to live, different than most Westerners, also brings approaches less ordinary to all kinds of situations.

Let’s see what this vacation in the US will bring the coming eight days!

Lots of love and sunshine from Colorado,

First surf lesson


Happy after surfing

First day of surf school is over, and I long for tomorrow’s class. Today we had a short introduction in the morning, then it was a more practical part and hand-out of wet suits and boards after lunch.

No pictures from surfing today, I kept the phone away from the beach.


Cold coffee in the late sun

The lesson started on the beach with some warm-up, basic moves on the board and then we did the same moves out in the water with help from the instructors.


Tomorrow's schedule

Tomorrow will be early breakfast and morning surf. Looking forward to that!

//Wivan, still liking water and sunshine

The habit of habits

Are you, like me, one of the people of this world who easily falls in to patterns, creating routines and think you need them? Or are you one of those who just go with the flow, whatever feels right in the moment is your pick and not one day looks like the other?

Some mornings I'm on the yoga mat

Some mornings I’m on the yoga mat

Found myself realizing how different our current lifestyle is compared to earlier, when it comes to routines and habits. And how easy it is to slip in to habits or wanting to create routines in order to feel a bit “safe” and comfortable.

The way we have arranged our life now it’s a constant change of place, pets, people, setting and surroundings. Thereby, all sorts of habits fall away after a very short time, which at times can be a challenge for someone with a habit of having habits!

Some mornings we do a hike

Some mornings we do a hike

At the same time it’s good to see all of this from a new perspective, to see how I used to box myself into those patterns, habits and schedules of mine. For example, I practice yoga, and have done so more or less regularly for about eight or nine years. At times I’ve been extremely rigid about this, following certain programs, taking early morning classes and adapting to whatever the teacher said we should do. So, even if I was low in blood sugar and felt a bit weak, I knew it was the “right” thing not to eat before class in the morning, so I didn’t. At the end of the class I felt fatigued, sometimes a bit dizzy and ill. But that was my routine.

Some days we're at the coast, sun bathing and swimming

Some days we’re at the coast, sun bathing and swimming

Another example is how I’ve been holding on like crazy to things I knew were good for me, but without any type of reality check or actually seeing how that holding on can back fire. Being extremely certain at getting up at 5 am in the morning, knowing that’s the “best” time of the day and being able to do a lot of things in the morning before work… that’s been a great way of being sleep deprived as soon as something stretches your night routine longer than 10 pm.

Let me tell you, I’ve been very stubborn and held on to a lot of “things” or ideas of sort. Anders has been the anchor, helping me to stay grounded and also questioning me. Can’t believe he’s stayed sane (!?) during those times, not hitting his head against the wall more often than he has!

Some mornings we just sit in the sun, enjoying our time together

Some mornings we just sit in the sun, enjoying our time together

So, here I am, with no certain routines or schedules, actually trying to mess a bit with the dog’s schedule not to have them too excited about dinner time or morning walks – that makes it easier and more calm for everybody. I do find myself starting to hold on to some type of “routines” from time to time, and then I start questioning myself if I really need it, if it’s important or serves me in any way.

What habits and routines do you have?

// Wivan