Living, laughing, loving


Our bedroom

Over the past two weeks I’ve shared a room with three other people that I didn’t know before coming here to the surf camp in Ericeira in Portugal.
In the house we’re staying with about 16 more people and some of them left last weekend, and some new moved in.


My wardrobe

We have all spent time together; surfing, eating, sun bathing, partying, talking, shopping, reading, listening to music and playing.

It’s so much fun, and it’s been a long time, if ever, since I laughed this much. This morning I woke up laughing, last night we went to bed laughing and telling stories.


Our schedule

Some of us at camp came here on our own, hoping to meet new friends and being part of the group. Some came together with their partner or friends. All of us hang out together, and to me it feels like a great way to travel. I have been very lucky with my room mates and felt comfortable from the start.


Puzzle at camp

Anders and I haven’t met in two weeks (he’s been to Sicily, then back in Sweden and now on the Greek island Corfu), it’s worked out very well for the both of us,  and we’ll meet up in France about a week from now.

Even though I am going to meet friends in France already on Monday, I surely will miss my room mates from camp after leaving tomorrow.
Today I enjoy a day of sun, laughs, friendship, life and loving every little part of it.