Shades of happiness

Recently a friend wrote “Parenthood is a rollercoaster” in a text-message to me. And I think I’d like to broaden that statement a bit;

Life is a rollercoaster.

May sound like things we’ve heard a thousand times before, but I don’t care, I still find it true!

Chestnut trees.

One of the great things in life though, is that it seems to be so many shades of happiness, darkness, joy, hard times, relationships and what have you. Lots and lots of shades. There is not just “happy” or “sad”, but can be millions of different variations.

This leads to:

You just can’t get bored.

Right? Since we have no clue of what’s to come, there’s always an element of surprise in life!

So, how can we enjoy the big and small surprises more? Can we? I don’t know, but I am going to welcome all the variations in the coming weeks and see what happens!

Take care!


And the roller coaster continues


Matadouro beach

Life does not always take the turns we think, and especially not in the time frame we’re hoping/expecting/predicting.
Had a great surf day yesterday and in the beginning today, then my ribs started hurting again. Really bad. On the other side than last time.


Sunset last night

So, this surf trip probably will end with a few more days of rest before going to France on Monday. Was reminded from several people about how this roller coaster called life hardly ever is as predictable or as straight as we hope when trying to plan or take control over things.

So, I guess surfing is something I will get to practice more in the future.

Chill out!