Self coaching and getting help

A friend of mine use to tell me she thinks I am good at coaching myself in life. And, yes I am – at times. Other times I am no good at it at all.

View on a bike ride the other night.

During those “other times” I take help from friends, family and professionals to remember who I am, what I need, want and how to continue taking care of myself. 
Most of us get out of “balance” or alignment ever so often throughout our lives. Another friend called it to be ‘out of sync’ last week, and my experience is that it really can feel like that. So most people need some guidence from time to time.

A book, a podcast or an interview by/with a person we are inspired by can be a great reminder or help for us to ask the questions we need or do the basic things for us to get back into sync sooner rather than later.

To make a fire is like meditation to me.

Earlier this year I had a rather negative attitude towards… Well, pretty much everything, so I started going to several of my guides more actively again.

  • I listened to the audio book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma during daily walks.
  • On Youtube I watched/listened to talks and guided meditations with Mooji and Eckhart Tolle before going to sleep.
  • Started (again) to read newsletters by the Swedish coaches Anders Haglund and Olof Röhlander. Both are former professional athletes.
  • Checked out one of my body movement inspirations (Naprapatjonas) on Instagram more frequently and started reading his blog again.

You might have your own guides and mentors already, or you feel inspired to find a new one. They’re all around us, and we need only to be open to see and hear when someone or something makes us feel moved in a good way to understand we might have found something valuable.

Nature is always a good place to be!

When I am extremely tired or in some other way put out of natural physical balance, my inner guide usually goes away to someplace Nice and it’s more important than eder for me to ask for help to stay friendly towards myself and keep my priorities right.

Good groceries to inspire to eat good food.

I literally make a short list of my basic needs or ask someone to help me stick to the basics: sleep, eat, have fun and move my body. If nothing else works – that’s a good base to just stay above the surface. Then I can add small goals like eating more vegetables, going to the gym or call a friend.

One of our chickens enjoying life outside.

Love and sunshine – allways.



One of the biggest desires of our hearts is for us to be explorers, traveling through life with a sense of wonder and awe – but it won’t happen if we’re closed to the possibilities of life. We really do need to give up all of our preconcieved notions of what our lives must look like and what it will take for us to be happy. I really do try to ‘follow humbly wherever and whatever nature leads me to.’ Who am I to play God with my life?


– From the book The saint, the surfer and the CEO, by Robin Sharma –

Follow your longings

Picture: Marie / Legojenta

Picture: Marie / Legojenta

When you follow the longings of your heart and listen to the desires of your true self, a universe of possibilities will open up and you’ll step through a doorway into a completely new reality. Meaningful coincidences will begin to occur – for example, the right job will come along at the right time. You’ll seem to have an almost magic touch, attracting the right people and the best opportunities into your life. But these kinds of happenings will be nothing more than confirmation from the world that you’re now on your authentic path.

– From the book The saint, the surfer and the CEO, by Robin Sharma –