Sunday lazy


Chillin' on the sofa

Outside it’s cold and chilly today. After my morning walk I was cold and just want to stay inside. So I do. Looking at apartments to rent in Paris, since we’re planning on going there before our trip to Asia in a few weeks.


Finished this book today

Finished reading Simon Fitzmaurice’s book It’s not yet dark and was again reminded of how grateful one can be to be alive, to be healthy and possible to enjoy the days and moments we have in this life.

Keeping up a Dolce far niente-mood and am reminded of Sundays from my childhood, afternoons spent in bed, reading and dozing off. It’s lovely to be able to relax.


Morning walk and back to bed


The sun starting to come out

The past few days I’ve started to wake up earlier than before (don’t set an alarm) and the weather has been really good so I’ve taken Lucky for an early morning walk. And it’s so quiet in the village.


Lucky taking in all the smells

To keep it easier for me, and calmer for the dogs, I take them separately for longer walks every day. And Lucky is my morning companion.


Sky and clouds colored by the sun

Yesterday I drove off to Santa Cruz after the walk and had a swim and a few hours of sun bathing before noon.


Cool star fish

This morning I am a bit tired and went back to bed for a nap and some reading – luxury huh!?


Natural pools in Santa Cruz

It’s a bit easier for me to just get going in the morning and I love the quiet and freshness of a new day. But I have been in “training” with Anders (he’s an expert) to relax and also see when more rest is needed. So sometimes I do it this way.


Natural "jet stream"

Happy Sunday to you all! And Happy Mother’s Day in Sweden!

//Wivan, the star fish wannabe