5th of December


Pretty flowers

It’s fathers day, and the King’s birthday, here in Thailand today. That’s an official holiday, but it doesn’t really affect a tourist city like Khao Lak that much.


Palm trees

The past days Anders has been resting to recover from a sore throat, so the days are spent rather quiet and simple.


Afternoon walk to the beach

I’ve been on the beach most mornings; walking, reading and swimming.



Today I also went down to see the sunset, and have a couple of more dips in the ocean.


Family watching the sunset

The setting changes all the time, depending on light, clouds, tide, rain and sun.


Sun, water, clouds

Gratitude and peace of mind, lots of love and compassion.

Did we say storm?


This morning's walk in heavy rain and mist

This morning it wasn’t raining at all when I got out with Lucky. So I left the rain pants at home when we drove off in the car to get out of the village.


Selfie on the walk...

Driving up the hills it was all white and misty. And raining. Quite heavy rain by the time we got out of the car. And I was laughing at my foolish choice of leaving the water proof pants at home when I was totally soaked after about three minutes out in the rain. The water trailed along the legs down into my socks and shoes.

We didn’t walk for long and when getting back into the car a guy stopped and asked if everything was ok. ‘Everything is great’ was my respons, giggling when entering the driver’s seat soaking wet.


A cup of tea in front of the kitchen door

Back in the house I found that even my t-shirt and underwear were soaked, and I learned my lesson (until next time).


Today we kept the shutters closed on all windows

It’s been raining in underneath the entrance door today, and the windows in the kitchen door are the only ones that haven’t got shutters. So I was sitting on the counter top, drinking tea and listening to a podcast while Anders took a bath.

The forecast looks like it’s going to continue being quite windy and somewhat rainy the coming days. Though, since things tend to shift fast here, we can probably also get some sun between the showers tomorrow.

// Wivan, now warm and cozy while the wind keeps on and the rain hits the shutters

Rainy and windy forecast

What we have experienced this far in Flores, is that the weather can and do change rather quickly. So even if it looks very cloudy, all of a sudden the sun is out and the temperature rises. Or, the sun is shining and before even noticing anything, rain starts to fall or the wind catches speed.

Dark clouds arriving

Dark clouds arriving

Last Friday we had a storm that brought heavy winds and at times also heavy rain. When it is windy this island in the Azores is pretty vulnerable in the middle of the ocean. Most houses keep the shutters closed to the windows – to keep them from flapping in the wind, to avoid drought and to help keep the houses a bit warmer.
It gets very dark inside when the shutters are closed during the day. To feel a bit more alive we like to keep the shutters open in the living room, to be able to see the sky and the Atlantic below the village. To have a sense of what’s going on outside.

The clouds move fast over the island and the Atlantic

The clouds move fast over the island and the Atlantic

The dog we’re taking care of, Lucky, doesn’t like storms. Especially not when there’s thunder. She either tries to hide under our bed, or stays close to one of us like a glued piece of paper. Walking her is something we do in the moments it’s not raining too heavily or when the wind is a bit calmer and it can still be quite warm outside.

It’s funny how fast these shifts come. One day we are swimming in the ocean, sun bathing in Santa Cruz, Anders in flip flops and Wivan bare legged all day. The next it can be totally different. We wrap ourselves up in scarfs and blankets to keep warm inside and don’t want to go outside when the rain hits really hard and the streams are flooded.

The only shutters we keep open during storms

The only shutters we keep open during storms

Instead we watch movies, sitting in our bed with a cup of coffee. Or read a book, play a game and take a nap. It’s cozy and we might long back to this time sometime in the future, when the sun has been shining “too many” days in a stretch and we long for a rainy day to stay inside.

Sometimes the rain hits so hard, it comes through to the inside

Sometimes the rain hits so hard, it comes through to the inside

It looks like there’s coming another storm tomorrow, with lots and lots of rain. So we’re getting ready, preparing for slow or non-existing internet, making sure we have the food we need and some extra candles to light for coziness and warmth.

Keep warm and hold on to your loved ones.
// Anders & Wivan

Opening up after the last storm

Opening up after the last storm

Everyone enjoys sunshine after rain...

Everyone enjoys sunshine after rain…

Fresh air + workout = true

Us in the middle of an outside working day

In the middle of an outside working day


We finished the painting of a room in about two days, and yesterday was mostly about picking up the other Workaway/Helpx-couple and some sightseeing. Today we got started in another project at our current Workaway-host’s place. Outdoors, since the sun was shining and it seemed to be really  nice weather. (But it kept raining on and off throughout the day…)

Anders and the other guy got into the pond to clean it up

Anders and the other guy got into the pond to clean it up (the dog wasn’t in though)


And Wivan and the other woman did some helping from the side, and carried all the wedges and stuff away.

Even if it's fair temperature in the air, the water was cold...

Even if it’s fair temperature in the air, the water was cold…

Anders was lucky to get the pair of so called water proof pants that wasn’t leaking…


Teamwork at its best

Teamwork at its best


This is what water filled "water tight" pants look like after a dip in the pond

This is what water filled “water proof” pants look like after a dip in the pond


Happy after getting up :-)

Happy after getting up 🙂


This was a great team-work assignment and we had lots of fun doing it.

Wivan figured it wasn't meant for her to get in...

Wivan figured it wasn’t meant for her to get in…


Shoes that were brand new only weeks ago...

Shoes that were brand new only weeks ago…


And our host treated us very well, as always, and got some fresh croissants and pain au chocolat for a break by the fireplace afterwards.

This is what Workaway looks like sometimes

This is what Workaway looks like sometimes 🙂


Tomorrow we’ve been asked to paint another room, since the hosts are so pleased with our painting work the other day. Let’s get too it!