Celebrating “normal”

The differences and experiencing new things makes all the “normal” or everyday life a lot more interesting and atteactive. At least to me.


Following my friends' son to pre-school

After many months of hopping from place to place, seeing new areas and trying out foods, activities and ways to spend a day, it’s ridiculous how wonderful it is to spend time “at home”, with simple pleasures.


Dinner served with small conversations

To be able to call a friend on the phone, to get on a train and understand how to buy a ticket and knowing where to get off, to know what to expect when ordering food or booking a appointment, to be able to walk safely on a street, talk to and understand other people – small things that make a big difference.


Visiting grandma

Having a couple of days off are extremely valuable after some days of work.


Walks in nature

I had been longing to experience a Saturday breakfast after working, so last weekend I really treasured it!


Breakfast coffee in the sofa

To be able to long for Anders and then get back together after a few days apart.


Sunny walk without sun-glasses

And to work! I really like to work a little now and then at the moment.


Work desk

Anders loves his days on the island. Days filled with “this is what I really want to do”. And it’s very valuable to be able to live like this, to choose and be a bit flexible.
To play in life.

Stay cool!