A world of possibilities


My niece K on a walk

It’s more than a week until I head back to Sweden, and except for tomorrow and Thursday, I’ve got no plans.
To some that might be stressful or odd, to me it’s like a world filled with possibilities.


Snow the other day

When talking to my brother just ten minutes ago, I realized it really is a choice I’ve made – to be open to what comes. Rarely do I need to be entertained, especially here where there’s nature and beauty everywhere.

Sure, I hope to go for a couple of hikes, but I am at least as happy to just hang out, live in the local area, take a bike ride or just enjoy a cup of coffee and a book.


One of many walks

As we (Anders and I) have traveled so much and to many different places over the past year and a half, I see how I love to slow down a bit, not always go to new places. And I feel that I take in things, people and experiences a bit different nowadays, which needs to be processed. Or I’m just getting a bit older!?
I love to live like a local, not always do the obvious touristy things or pack in as many experiences as possible.


Nephew M parked the car for the party last weekend

When thinking about it, I see how keeping the schedule open, also gives a lot more openness to what feels fun or good at the time being, instead of being stuck with plans I’d rather get out of. My lovely American family needs to put up with having me around for a while longer since I am staying, and to me that also gives more chances to see the “kids” (16 and 18 years old) every now and then – one of the big reasons why I’m here. Since we don’t have kids of our own, our nieces and nephews are maybe even more important to us.


Chillaxing on the sofa

So, I look at my open schedule with a bit of “is it ok to do this in the Land-of-maximizing?”.

And the answer is: Hell Yes!

The way we have choosen to live, different than most Westerners, also brings approaches less ordinary to all kinds of situations.

Let’s see what this vacation in the US will bring the coming eight days!

Lots of love and sunshine from Colorado,


Did we say “Ever changing”?

Oh yes! The other day we posted a blogpost called Ever changing and boy, did we get even more changes after that! And when  we wrote about Our story from a to z , it might have seemed a bit too polished and simple up till now. So the Universe/God/whoever decided to test us, our vision and trust a bit more.

Since last spring we’ve planned for and prepared to buy a company in Spain that we would work in both of us, as a way to make money, do a business together and see how that evolved for us. Well, last Wednesday we got to know that it´s not going to happen. There’s no need to talk about the details, but we were out of the picture and… now what?!

One of the pictures we keep in mind - we want to be someplace sunny and warm

One of the pictures we keep in mind – we want to be someplace sunny and warm

The interesting thing here is that we took it all with quite calm feelings, no big dramas or scenes. Sure, disappointed and surprised over how this turned out to be totally different all of a sudden, but really fast we moved in to ‘opportunity-phase’.

So, here’s where we’re at right now:

  • No jobs from 3rd of November
  • Limited budget
  • Ideas of where to go: 1000
  • Ideas of what to do/work with: 1000
  • Support from family and friends: A lot!
  • What happens next? Don’t know
  • Scared? No
  • Feelings: Sometimes calm, sometimes stressed, sometimes tired, sometimes happy, sometimes… every single one is there

What would you do in a similar situation?

We also had plans of taking classes in wind-surfing

We also had plans of taking classes in wind-surfing in Spain – now what?

Considering that we’re 35-36 years of age, this is quite a different situation from many of our friends. Sure, we’ve got no kids, but we too used to have a job, house and all of that.

And even if it seems like we’re jumping off a cliff, we’re totally safe and secure, actually enjoying what we’re discovering in this situation and within ourselves.