Who would have known

15 months ago, we had no clue we would end up doing house sits in Singapore and Sri Lanka this year. Well, probably nobody knew or imagined that back then.
But, it’s happened and for that we are forever grateful. So many possibilities opening up, people we get to meet and learn from, houses, animals, foods and cultures we never had thought of experiencing.


Excited Jazzie

This is true though for most parts of life: little is predictable and there’s always change, no matter how much we hope to control or plan – there’s always change. Not saying plans are bad or unneccesary, just that they, and we, need to be flexible and adjust to whatever comes our way.


Extended visa

When flying to Sri Lanka four weeks ago we had no clue we would fall in love with this country and be so happy about having extended our visas for another two months.
That a thought I spent some time on yesterday was when we leave here in April, when will we be able to come back again?! How many months will we be away from Sri Lanka until next time?


A6, our waiting number at the Immigration office

With that thought in mind, I started smiling – how can one miss a place when still being there, and what do I know about what is to come in the following months? The thinking/feeling might be totally different then, so why spend time worrying over it now?


Daisy says 'smile and be happy'

Anyways: Little do we know.
How can we live in that understanding today? (that we basically don’t know squat).

Let’s go explore what happens when knowing we don’t know!

Love and joy,