It’s been three years

Today, three years ago, we signed over our house in Höör, drove from Sweden to France and started our first house-sit assignment.

At first I wrote four years – maybe because so much has happened during these years, or maybe because my math-skills aren’t perfect…

Last night Anders started showing old blog posts, and so many memories came back from our years of traveling, house sitting, exploring and living a different way than before. I don’t think he even was aware of the anniversary, he just likes to bring out those memories and tresure them now and then. It’s also a great way to remember people we’ve met, stories we’ve heard and stay grateful to it all.

The journey of changing our lifestyle, trying out a new attitude towards living, and taking huge leaps of faith started long before 2014 though.

We’ve worked a lot with our dreams and visions for our lives, daring to question what’s actually important and what’s not. And we still are. Though we’re now back in Sweden, living a rather ordinary life, we still ask ourselves what we love doing, what’s important and remind ourselves we don’t have to do things just because we think it’s “expected” from us.

Last night we started to talk about the arrival of our baby in February next year, and again we realized it’s impossible to know what life’s going to look like after that. We simply can’t plan because we’ve got no idea of how it will effect us, what our baby’s going to need and what new great ideas and possibilities might come along. (ok, we do understand the basic needs of a newborn baby, but we don’t know who this little individual is).

We could go on posting tons of photos, but here are just a few from our adventures the past years.

So we’ll just keep balancing through life, putting one foot in front of the other.

From Kuta to Amed


Rice fields along the road

The drive was a lot longer than we had thought and luckily we had a good driver and comfortable car to ride in.
It was so nice to see more than just city views during the way from Kuta to Amed here on Bali.


At the water temple

Kari, the driver, asked if we wanted to see a water temple and when we said yes he stopped at Taman Tirtagangga to show us around a bit.


Water garden below the temple

In many places it seems like the tourists only get to see parts of the temples or gardens, and traditional clothing is usually required. So we looked at the garden and the beauty of it, and then went on driving.


Stepping stones above the fish pond

Since we had some language difficulties, we didn’t get much information about the place as such but rather just enjoyed being there.


Welcome juice at our stay

We were very happy to come to our little inn where we’ll stay until Sunday. It’s right on the beach, quite simple and super friendly owners and staff. All of a sudden we were playing with the owners’ baby, and talking with the dog.


A coral reef just outside our stay

From our room it’s about 50 meters down to the water, and a bit further out the reef is ready to greet us when snorkling. The water here in the bay of Amed is warm. Really warm and one can lay down and relax floating without getting cold.


Sunset behind clouds and mountain

The sunset was beautiful to watch, and to sit on the beach at night, listening to live music in the dark was truly an awsome ending of the day.


Ready to sit down

We are so grateful for what we have and what we get to experience along our life, and for all the people we meet.

Until next time,
Anders and Wivan

Time alone among others

It’s been a rather people-intense week since our hosts came back from their vacation, and we’ve been working together most of the days and spent time with guests/visitors most days. I do love to be around people and yet am in need of time alone every now and then.
This morning I felt in need of some extra time just being on my own – something that can be rather rare when living as a guest in someone else’s house.

One of our jobs

One of our jobs

But, here’s the lovely thing about being honest, and staying at really nice people’s place – it’s ok! At a small break during today’s work, I said that I felt a little tired “on the inside” and needed some time alone. So, after lunch when I asked what the plan was for the rest of the day, the spontaneous answer was: “Aren’t you going on a walk, or a bike ride on your own?”.

Anders' photo art

Anders’ photo art

Love it! It was like they had planned for me to get away for a bit, to be alone and it was nothing odd or any hard feelings, rather totally natural. So I took a walk with a fresh podcast in my headphones and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Then a dip in the pool, a shower and some yoga in our room and here I am now, ready to face other people again!

Nice huh!?

See ya! // Wivan

Great food, great people


Anders getting ready for painting

It’s so much fun to experience all the giving and generosity from people we meet and have gotten to know during our first six weeks of travelling. Especially from people we don’t even know yet.


At the market Saturday morning

Last Saturday we were invited for dinner together with the couple we’ve been house sitting for. It was a Swedish man and his wife having us all over for a great feast with wonderful food and lots of laughter and even some magic tricks!

And at the market on Saturday morning we met our dinner hosts from the week before, inviting us to stay with them for a couple of extra days when we come back from Egypt.


The cheese stand at the market

On top of that, we’ve been served the most amazing food at our current house sit (where we now have done some Workaway projects).


Oysters with Tabasco and ground pepper

Anders keep on saying “We never imagined it to be this awesome before we left Sweden. This is way better than I could have ever dreamt of”.


English breakfast

Lets just say, with good food you come a long way with the two of us. 😉

And with wonderful, loving and caring people it’s just so much more easy to open up our hearts and enjoy what we’re having and receiving.

Now we’re looking forward to going to Egypt for three weeks, arriving on Thursday morning – and know what?! We’re already invited to stay a couple of extra nights there after our house sit, to join a birthday party.

What acts of giving have you noticed lately?

//Anders and Wivan

New area and new people

It’s been two really great days for a couple of travelers like us – yesterday we were invited for dinner to a couple we’re going to house sit for in January, and together with in total five others we had a wonderful time and learned new things and of course got to know new people.


On our way in the car with Alfie the dog

Today we took a walk and had tea with a couple we’re house sitting for in February, again a nice way to learn more about the area and the people living here.

Both of those couples live near the village we are in at the moment, and the January house sit we got thanks to the February-couple. So we got recommended before we even met them!


Met this beauty on one of the walks today

Since we’ve been “homeless” for five weeks now, it’s always lovely to be invited to someones home and be taken care of. But also to get to know new people. And really, we meet lots of amazing people, inspiring and willing to help us in all different ways.

Yesterday we also got a good offer from the owners at our current house sit; to stay for some extra days in exchange for some work around the house. After sleeping on it for a night, we decided to say yes and will stay here until we go to Egypt on the 17th of December.


Pretty details in the garden

We’re feeling more and more trust in getting the help we need and to find solutions for whatever situation may come up. This is exploring life at its best!

// Anders & Wivan