A nomadic lifestyle


Tomorrow I'm leaving this three-week-home

Three weeks of work in Kristianstad in southern Sweden is coming to an end. Fun, intense weeks with work, social activities, lots of biking and outdoor life.


In Falsterbo the other day

A few weeks ago a person I talked to made a quick comment as I told her a little about our life nowadays. She said: “You are living like nomads”. Never before had I thought of myself in those terms, and it was a little hard to take in. But it has grown on me, and even helped me understand myself a little better. Anders and I dolive a nomadic lifestyle at the moment. Because we want to, and because we like it.


Laundry drying

It has it’s ups and downs, and to us it’s a lot more up living this way right now.


Working in Falsterbo the other day

We believe in the importance of following your flow in life, or however you want to call it, and at the moment we certainly have a nomadic flow!

Love// Wivan