It’s summer and I love the colours of June in Sweden!

Grateful to be able to go outside, take a breath of fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun. 

Beauty and sunshine in Colorado


My nephew fly fishing in a stream

Yesterday was another beautiful day with great weather and lots of different activities. In the morning my sister in law and I biked to the next town to get bagels.
Unfortunately (or not) I forgot the phone at home and didn’t get any pictures, but the ride was SO beautiful along a lake with blue sky, mountains and only a little traffic.


Getting ready to go fishin'

In the afternoon I went to hang out with my nephew when he was fishing, and I even got to borrow those water-proof pants and everything! I didn’t fish, but felt very professional anyways ;).

Those who knows me well know I have a thing for dressing up in full gear to get a complete experience, and I become like a kid who proudly wears a little Police shirt or a fire fighter’s hat.


My hat for fishing...

So even if I only walked out into the stream once, knowing I had those special pants and boots was enough.


My fisher guide

It was nice to hang out with this 18-year old boy whom I’ve known since he was a baby, but haven’t always seen very much of.

Jetlag is getting in better control. Today I didn’t wake up until five!

Make it a day worth remembering.
With love,

Re-charging in Singapore


Pond in Botanic garden

After almost four weeks in this city, we’re ready to walk barefoot on a beach again soon.
Earlier this week we’ve had some great nature experiences in or close to the city.



The Botanic garden was such a positive surprise, close to the city center and still a wonderful oasis to discover and get some real nature feeling.


We loved watching the fishes

Ponds, a small rainforest, fish, birds and paths for walking and accesable for wheel chairs and strollers.


The orchid Vanda Miss Joaquin

We found a few flowers in this huge plantation of Singapore’s national flower, a type of orchid.


National flower, Vanda Miss Joaquin

Another fun surprise were the turtles!


Mister Turtle in the Swan pond

All of this is free and everything is so well kept.


A tree as old as we are

There are several different parts of the garden and this time we skipped the orchid garden because of the heat in the middle of the day.


Rainforest walk

But we did stroll through the rainforest and were amazed by the huge trees.


Enjoyed this afternoon very much

Yesterday Wivan and our friend Miss C took a 10 K walk in the MacRitchie Reservoir in the morning, together with lots of other people. It was warm, sunny and nice. And again, a great dose of green leaves and water to recharge the batteries after lots of city life.


Monkey on the trail in MacRitchie

We saw many, many monkeys along the paths.


Small and curious

Later today we’re heading out to the airport, and then fly via Kuala Lumpur  to Colombo in Sri Lanka.

Looking forward to waking up close to the beach tomorrow morning!

//Anders and Wivan

Updated love story


Kissing älgört at Näsby fält

One thing I like so much about Kristianstad is the closeness to nature.


View over Näsby fält

Parts of the surroundings are biosphere reserves since the grounds are kept open by cows, and this area is known for the cooperation between man and nature.


Fresh air, beautiful evening

After a day of work, this little outing in beautiful nature, sunshine and fresh air was totally spot on.


Brown legs

Being outside is a source of energy and usually works as a reboot for me.



Flowers and green does magic to both the brain and the body.


Happy girl

Look who I met!


A snake - a real one!

Yeah, I have a funny story of me seeing several snakes on a walk in the woods some years ago, and my spontaneous reaction then was “Oh, a fake snake! That’s odd. “.


Inspiring and energizing

So, I’m in love. Again. With nature, with the city Kristianstad and with myself for giving myself these kinds of experiences.

How was work? Fun!




Melting snow on the ground

Wivan got challenged on Facebook to post three nature pictures per day, three days in a row.

Thought we should share them here too. It’s ‘snow week’ and we’ve had fresh snow more or less every day. Most of it has melted quickly but it keeps on coming new.


Found this on a walk


"Our" dogs are happy and like our long walks

Since we moved to a new house sit last weekend, we now take care of two sweet and fun dogs and the daily walks are part of our lifestyle.


Lemon tree in the "green house "


Yellow in the snow

Taking three pictures per day is not really a challenge to us where we live right now. It’s a beautiful place, the weather is nice and we enjoy being outdoors.


The views are amazing in the area


Decoration on a wall


A little landscape in itself