Opposite thinking

A night on my own – quite rare in my case nowadays, and something I usually like very much; to have the possibility to do… Anything. And to take responsibility for nobody but myself.


Cat sitting this pretty girl this week

So, with a night on my own ahead, what does my brain spin around?

“Who could I meet up with tonight? Someone in the area that I would like to see?”

Luckily I heard those thoughts and found it a bit contradictory to what I feel my deep need is – time alone. So, I did what my former self might not always dare: stay true to myself and choose time alone.


Bud bursting

Tomorrow I’m invited to a After Work in Kristianstad, and at first I wanted to go. After a closer look on the inside, I realized that the best for me right now is to again choose to hang out with the person that’s closest to me. Myself.



Alone and still a part of the whole

One of the biggest luxuries

Nowadays I often say: “Now I am going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me.”

After that I happily get ready to go to bed to sleep.


Karlskrona by night

This says a lot about how I used to live, how many “shoulds” I used to respond to in my daily life.

Now I prefer and enjoy being able to lovingly give myself permission to let go, rest and go to bed.

Most nights I sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night or super early morning and worry or start to thinking about… Things.

The gratitude towards life and towards my own gentle attitude is huge.

Thank you life and the love of myself!

// Wivan – Now going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me. Sleep when I am tired.