Not moving so fast

My view at the moment. Far from stores and public beaches.

It’s Wednesday and we have talked about going to the store as well as doing a bit of sightseeing in town and by the beach. But it’s just not happening. We’re reading, sunbathing and chilling out instead.

Today’s breakfast.

A thought crossed my mind as I am laying in the sun: too bad the house owners don’t have bikes we could use. It would be so great to ride bikes on the small roads around here. And then I realized that maybe it’s very good there are no bikes – so we get to see and explore the area and nature at a slower pace instead of trying to cover as much ground as possible.

Anders during a hike the other day. The big house with the pool is where we stay.

There are so many sounds, smells, birds, plants and flowers to experience. The wind, the warmth of the sun and all different colors.

Lots of love,


29 boxes and 3 suitcases


Moving things to the storage

Today we started moving things out of the house to the storage place.

Except for the boxes, one Stokke chair, one crash pad (for boulder climbing), one ironing board and three suitcases moved out.


Carry, roll and lift

This gives more space and overview in the house, which is really nice. Tomorrow we’ll continue moving out. Next weekend will be the final days in the house, and it feels good to get a head start already.


Borrowed this beauty today