Morning time


This morning; warm water, coffee and writing

It’s so nice with the possibility to do whatever we want during the mornings and days here. Where we stay, the sun shines gently in through the windows from 6.15.


Some mornings: surfing

And when stepping out, it’s mildly warm and feels welcoming. Some mornings we’re greeted by noisy monkeys, other days only the birds.


Mango tree outside our room

It’s taken a rather long time to really sink into all of this at a deeper level. All the small treasures of tropical climate and “winter” in Asia.


Breakfast, tea and talking

Today, we’ll take the next step towards the future. With gratitude to all that we have, and all that we have experienced so far. After a few days with a runny nose and a cold, we’re sinking deeper into the rest and joy of being alive and healthy.

“Hendru” and Wiva

At the beach 6.30 am


Kuta beach early on a Sunday

Anders woke up super early (4.15 am) and a bit later we decided to walk to the beach to see what it’s like at sunrise and before the sun bathe and surf action starts.


Good morning sunshine!

We were surprised and happy to see how many people were already there; walking their dogs, running, meditating, working out, fishing, talking, playing and enjoying the sunny morning.


Happy couple

It was so good to feel the sand a bit cooler than in the middle of the day, and to be able to walk along the coast barefoot in the water.


Natural art in the sand

Even before the sun came up, it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt and shorts – well, that’s how it is all night long.


Low tide

After walking along the beach we were ready to have some breakfast and found a “food scooter” (basically a scooter loaded with food and coffee) and bought rice with chicken and chili sauce to go.


Breakfast with a view

Again a very tasty meal to a reasonable price: 10.000 Rupiah per portion = ca € 0.65.


Empty streets on the way TO the beach

When walking to the beach, the traffic was not at all as busy as usual, and many of the shopping streets quiet and empty. On the way back most things were as we’re used to by now – crowded and noisy.


One of many little places for devotion

It was so nice to be able to see how different it is here depending on time of day, and great to get out early in the fresh air.

Now, we’re back home and ready for a little rest.

Anders and Wivan

Monday morning


Morning bath in Paris

Some days we smile a little extra at the difference in way of living we enjoy nowadays. Like a bath on a Monday morning in a rented airbnb-apartment close to Montmartre in Paris. It’s a nice contrast to the last weeks of country life and farm work.
Nothing lasts forever, and the way we live is a manifestation of just that – we change, places change and our surroundings change. So how can we make the best out of it?
Today Anders and I enjoy a day of no schedule, no obligations and some small preparations before we fly to Bali tomorrow afternoon.

How can you make a change that benefits you?

The night owl and the early bird

That’s us, Anders and Wivan, the former is a real night owl and the latter a early bird. Both of us can enjoy getting up early, catching the first sun in the morning, listening to a new day waking up and how nature goes from night to day. And both of us can enjoy staying up until late, talking, reading, dancing, watching a movie, reflecting on life or take a late night swim.


Morning walk

But we have quite different natural patterns in form of what’s easiest. For Anders it’s the late-night-life and for Wivan it’s getting-up-before-everyone. (But really, lately Wivan has sort of lost that ability, and rather wakes up in the middle of the night, or late morning.)

The other night, at dinner with friends, we came to talk about differences between the individuals in a couple, and how those differences can be very good in order to keep the relationship alive and healthy. We also discussed the importance of doing things separately even if you live together. For us, part of that happens naturally when one of us either gets up earlier than the other, or stays up later at night.


Early morning overlooking the Pyrenees

When’s your favorite time to be alone or to do your own thing?
// Anders & Wivan

Rest, ribs and relaxation

Yesterday I didn’t attend the surf lesson. My ribs were hurting too much from Thursday’s hard conditions and lots of smashing of waves and the board.
I sort of knew that beforehand but still wanted to see how it felt on the board. Already during the warm up I stepped away, cried for a bit and then watched the others for a while.


Watching others surf

Then walked back to the camp to get some help to check out what was wrong. A nurse came to our house within less than two hours, asked questions and felt what my body was like. It’s luckily only muscles that’s been a bit stressed by all the impact and some rest, anti-inflamatory and some type of medicine patch will probably be enough to get back into shape within some days.


David surfing

It was so nice to have the nurse come here and see me, she’s then sent me a massage to check up on me at night, and probably she’ll drop by again today.


Patch on my ribs

At night we went to a beach restaurant where there was a live music session. So good!


Live music session

And apparently there was beer. Lots of it…


Me to the left

Today I woke up early, like yesterday, and have been walking on the beach, swimming and relaxing for a bit.


Beautiful morning with low tide

Soon time for breakfast and then a lazy day in the sun.

Take care! //Wivan

Breakfast in box


Oooops! The first pic wasn't saved

It was a fresh and yummy smoked salmon wrap with lots of green salad. And a bottle of pear juice. So glad I found something savory and this good this morning, ’cause now my brain seem to have shut down a bit.


Lisboa airport

It’s Friday morning, right? No, I try to remember it’s Tuesday. Is it?
Had a big time-confusion last night where I was one hour off, and luckily that was discovered before going to bed… Otherwise this morning wouldn’t be about breakfast and trying out skin care products in the Tax Free shop.


A favourite 'sample'

See, this is something I love doing; (Anders thinks it’s a bit funny) I sample luxurious skin care products and make sure to try them on my legs and arms, and the face = free high quality products before flying.

This is something I started doing when I flew frequently to Helsinki in Finland some years ago. Haven’t started doing manicure or full make up in those shops, but some nice smelling lotion works perfect as a little travel-treat.


Through security and then some body lotion

Brain shutting down; not so strange, haven’t been around this much people since over two months. Have to slowly adjust to busier life after those quiet months on Flores.

Enjoy your day and remember that it’s Friday today. Or Tuesday.
Doesn’t matter, today it’s time for my re-entry to Sweden.

❤ Wivan

Morning walk and back to bed


The sun starting to come out

The past few days I’ve started to wake up earlier than before (don’t set an alarm) and the weather has been really good so I’ve taken Lucky for an early morning walk. And it’s so quiet in the village.


Lucky taking in all the smells

To keep it easier for me, and calmer for the dogs, I take them separately for longer walks every day. And Lucky is my morning companion.


Sky and clouds colored by the sun

Yesterday I drove off to Santa Cruz after the walk and had a swim and a few hours of sun bathing before noon.


Cool star fish

This morning I am a bit tired and went back to bed for a nap and some reading – luxury huh!?


Natural pools in Santa Cruz

It’s a bit easier for me to just get going in the morning and I love the quiet and freshness of a new day. But I have been in “training” with Anders (he’s an expert) to relax and also see when more rest is needed. So sometimes I do it this way.


Natural "jet stream"

Happy Sunday to you all! And Happy Mother’s Day in Sweden!

//Wivan, the star fish wannabe