Monday morning


Morning bath in Paris

Some days we smile a little extra at the difference in way of living we enjoy nowadays. Like a bath on a Monday morning in a rented airbnb-apartment close to Montmartre in Paris. It’s a nice contrast to the last weeks of country life and farm work.
Nothing lasts forever, and the way we live is a manifestation of just that – we change, places change and our surroundings change. So how can we make the best out of it?
Today Anders and I enjoy a day of no schedule, no obligations and some small preparations before we fly to Bali tomorrow afternoon.

How can you make a change that benefits you?

Early Monday morning

Got up early this morning to take Lucky the dog for a walk outside the village. We left the house before sunrise and went looking for a spot to park the car and get to see the sun rise.


Well worth to get out of bed

Love driving on the lonely roads across the island,  most of them showing scenery we’ve never seen in any place before.


A few seconds of rest...

Most dogs love coming to new places, and Lucky is no exception. She runs around sniffing and wagging her tail like crazy.


Beautiful light on the way back

We’re expecting more rain and heavy winds again soon, and the clouds started to pile up on the way back home.