Cheering flowers on a Friday afternoon

You know those moments when you have a sensation of ease, joy, lightness, some kind of sunshine of the mind.
The times when you thank yourself for being you, when the feeling inside makes you want to hug anybody you meet or just sing a little song.


Grandma on the ferry yesterday

Lately I’ve started collecting on those moments. And I haven’t realized I did until now!


Friday afternoon on the train home

The times those feelings are inside, when the moments appear from nowhere, I have started to stand still or stop what I am doing to just let it sink in, to absorb it deep inside instead of just rushing by. I want to marinate myself in those moments.


Morning at home

Maybe it’s the power of spring, or it’s just me, but it seems to be more often this happens now than earlier. Or maybe it’s just because I am more aware of all the little treasures.

Be still, be gentle and be love.


It’s the little things


A cup of coffee while hanging laundry

Our lives are made up of numerous little moments that are put together. Sometimes it hits us harder than usual;  how wonderful those simple little things are.


Vitsippor, fresh spring flowers

Being well and able to do pretty much whatever we set out to do, having people in our lives that we love and respect, recieving love from others, breathing fresh air, living free and safe, having clothes, food and a roof over our heads.


Sunny morning earlier this week

There are tons of small and big things and moments that are totally extraordinary and we are happy to notice it rather often.


Anders making soap bubbles

What small details in your life do you treasure?


Colors mixing

//Anders and Wivan

Oh, I treasure the moments!


Morning mix today

We have written about it before, the fact of our different personalities and the different “time zones” Anders and I usually have.
Both of us need space and time for ourselves, and we tend to find it and use it in various ways.


Morning under a coconut tree

Mornings usually are “my” time, and here in Thailand I’ve often taken walks, done yoga, read and had breakfast on my own.
This morning is no exception, and I just realized how much I treasure these moments. It was something I used to dream about years ago; to be able to start and spend my days in a very free way, doing what I really love to do – first thing in the morning. I created habits and schedules to make it possible when working, and now I am more free to do it however feels good at the time being.


Yesterday's morning walk

It’s the little things and moments that builds up a day, a week, a month and a life. How we decide to spend our time matters.


Afternoon on the beach the other day

We also love (luckily!!!) to spend time together – and those moments also become more important since we actually do take time to do things separately. It is a balance to play with.

Anders is now feeling better and today we have booked a very special tour to go on together in the afternoon.

What moments builds up your day?