One of the secrets

Well-being is not the fruit of something you do; it is the essence of who you are. There is nothing you need to change, do, be, or have in order to be happy.

Michael Neill
From the book Supercoach


Stepping out of lonliness

Rarely two people see or take in the same things even if we look at the same spot

Rarely two people see or take in the same things even if we look at the same spot

I felt almost obliged to post a follow-up from yesterday, some kind of bad conscience for letting you hang in that “they’re feeling lonely” thing. Two things about my taking responsibility for you there: What you feel or think is yours and not mine, and loneliness is just a part of our experience of how life is, it’s not all. Far from it.

Our thinking changes moment by moment, so the ability to have a new thought about an old situation is natural and ever present.
– Michael Neill –

So, after posting yesterday’s blog post about us feeling a bit lonely at times, I did a lot of thinking. All of that resulted in a bit more active searching, during one of my two internet slots of the day, about what activities are available here in Singapore and other chances of meeting new people while traveling as a couple.

In a post on Reddit people give advice on how to meet people during travels as a couple. Some good tips there!

And then, here in Singapore, I found a couple of groups offering free walking tours, and that certainly is something for us to do! Probably next week, since it’s Christmas and they seem to take a break during the coming days. Look here for Indie Singapore and Singapore Footprints. I also found the Meetup Group webpage with lots of different activities in different cities and places to consider. Maybe not the most activities during the holidays, but if living in a city like this, searching the page and trying out some of the groups probably easily fills a week of fun.

At Haji Lane in Kampong Glam, Singapore

At Haji Lane in Kampong Glam, Singapore

Since we will be here for about two and a half more weeks we’ll at least do some of the free walking tours to get out and about together with others a few times. The Meetup Group page is certainly something I will look at in the future when we reach other cities or places with bigger populations.

As of our little field trip to Little India and Kampong Glam yesterday, that’s a post of it’s own.

In Little India, Singapore

In Little India, Singapore

Thanks for being around and Merry Christmas!