Less things, less mess

Might need a sofa in this living room

This week I moved in to a small house/apartment in Kristianstad, where I will be working this fall. Anders will also live here some days and then we still have our small home at the island of Aspö too. Yes, it’s very different from our traveling life over the past years, and still this is quite a different way of living compared to our own house and all of that.

My bed, and soon another mattress will arrive

When driving the car I have borrowed, filled with stuff from our storage, I remembered the wonderful feeling of deciding to live with less stuff, and not become to eager to have a “perfect” home – it becomes less complicated. And with less things, you also make less of a mess. There simply aren’t enough things to make that big of a mess any more!

Me and a mattress

So, of course when staying in a place over time, it’s comfortable to have a good set of basics for cooking, clearing etc. But it’s also lots of fun to create and make a small place work out with second hand furniture, to only bring out what’s absolutely neccesary and what you actually use, or know you will use in a short future.

Small but will work fine for a basic life

These insights and perspective on what’s actually needed and how much luxury we live in have gotten stronger after traveling to countries where people live quite different from us in the West.

Mending a roof in Sri Lanka

Ok, time to get some sleep!

Enjoy your small and big luxury in life.



One of the biggest luxuries

Nowadays I often say: “Now I am going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me.”

After that I happily get ready to go to bed to sleep.


Karlskrona by night

This says a lot about how I used to live, how many “shoulds” I used to respond to in my daily life.

Now I prefer and enjoy being able to lovingly give myself permission to let go, rest and go to bed.

Most nights I sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night or super early morning and worry or start to thinking about… Things.

The gratitude towards life and towards my own gentle attitude is huge.

Thank you life and the love of myself!

// Wivan – Now going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me. Sleep when I am tired.