Not going anywhere

A moment to have coffee, and think about life

Haven’t slept all that well the past few nights, and I’ve wanted to really enjoy every moment so I have done a lot of little things.

And it’s been very nice at the beach, at the gym and at the sports bar to watch a game. But maybe, just maybe, the past six weeks of work and constantly meeting new people, planning and being at the top of my game have taken it’s toll. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of live interviews on the radio.

I’m tired and this morning I woke up with a weird ache in my leg. If it’s something I know, it’s that the body needs deep rest to heal and repair all the muscles and stress we put to it. So even though training is good, some really good sleep is crucial to recover.

At the beach the other day

Today I had thought of going to the gym again, or go swimming, or take a bike ride. But what I really wanted was to take a nap. So I did, and then felt like having a coffee (in the afternoon = crazy when wanting to sleep at night, but sometimes coffee is like therapy!), and now I enjoy a cup in stillness with some music and a feeling of that anything is possible.

A picture to help me remember the amazing colors

Sometimes it is so clear how all our thinking about what is good and important stands in the way of our ability to take care of ourselves and really do what we need in that very moment.

Now I need to be my best buddy for a while and just love to hang out and do what feels pleasurable and fun, without a “smart” agenda or a grown-up-plan.

Throw-back to June and my morning hike with my niece in the Rockies

Love, joy and a bit of chocolate!


Mid-week bonus

The happiness of getting an extra night together

Yesterday I took a chance to change my schedule a bit and made it possible to get home for a night in the middle of the week.

Generous neighbors let us pick a lot of fresh veggies

How fun it is to catch an opportunity and it feels like a huge bonus to be able to do so.

We’ve bought two chickens. Which do you think is their first egg?!

Now on the train back to Kristianstad and a day of work.

And tomorrow it’s time to go back to Anders and the island again! 

Take care and stay in love with life.



Again: the little things

The beach in Åhus at 7.30 pm

From our traveling life to a more “common” lifestyle with work, routines and a (or two) more long-term place to stay.

During the past four weeks I’ve been working full time, living at friends’ and going home to Aspö and Anders during the weekends. It’s rather intense and I meet a lot of people while working, and yet I feel like it’s vacation quite often!

Low season at the gym = lots of space!

Maybe it’s because I appreciate many of the the small things, like bringing my own high quality coffee to work, or that I make sure to exercise regularly, or because I am outside daily and love to be able to take a swim after work.

Tex mex dinner with friends

Simply put, I do what I can to notice all the good in life, make sure to take care of myself with enough sleep, good food and routines, and to play with the daily to-dos and not get too stuck in “should, could, would”.

Breakfast at home, and a full day together with Anders!

Whatever the combination is, part of it is to take care of the basics to make sure this person is well, and to remember and notice beauty in the little everyday things.

Practicing on our slackline

And for me, it’s very important to play, learn new things and to be around people I love.

Take care and notice what’s important to you, and all the beauty you have around the corner!



Pain, beauty, walking and tiredness

It’s been a weird first week of work. Last Sunday, on the train to Kristianstad and Åhus, I got a lumbago, a terrible back pain.

So painful that I cursed and screamed out loud on the train. I could hardly get off with my bag and bike, and because I walked so slowly due to pain, I missed the bus.

Bike, bag and yoga mat on the train

So, my first day of work turned out being a day of sick leave with a visit to the chiropractor  and lots of walking to keep warm and help the healing.

The entire week I’ve been walking, standing, walking and standing as much as possible. I have been working, and managed to do things differently than usual. The pain has been reduced by the day, and I am so grateful for my knowledge of healing, lots of movement, and the good chiropractor I found.

It’s also been extremely tiresome to walk and stand up many hours every day, and not to sleep all that well due to pain.

At the same time it’s humbling and good to be reminded of how privileged many of us are most of the time – healthy and without pain. 

Happy morning work at Haväng, on pain killers

It does feel like a privilege to get to work with such creative and fun things as I do when out reporting live from different parts of Skåne in southern Sweden.

And to be able to take care of myself at the same time.

Friday treat for the train ride to Karlskrona

Anders and I spent the weekend together, talking, swimming, going to a concert, watching movies and eating good food. Did I say talking? And walking.

Never seen purple roses before!

Anyways, now we have started this new way of living – part time together, part time apart. And as we have written before, we usually do pretty well when we have a mix of time together and time apart. It’s hard for some to understand, but I guess it’s also a question about what we view as “normal” or how things “should” be.

Don’t know if we will still find this way of living good in six months – but on the other hand, without trying we will never know!

Got this cute pic sent to me from Anders

So, let’s keep our minds open to what we don’t know, and dare to try different for a while. Maybe we learn something new, get experience we never would otherwise, and find out more about life.

With love, and a little back pain,


Back together


Saturday afternoon

After 23 hours of traveling from Frisco, Colorado to Malmö, Sweden, I did a pit stop at a friend’s house before going back home to Anders.
This was a genious move in order to get a headstart on the jetlag. I was alone in my friend’s apartment and simply went to bed early, with ear plugs in and slept rather well till the next morning.
Then I was ok to go on the train to Karlskrona.


Train ride from Malmö to Karlskrona

After visiting grandma for a couple of hours, I finally went home to Anders. After 3,5 weeks apart it was so nice to get back together!


Sunday "fika" in the sun

It’s been 18 years since the first time we met (in person), and we’re still excited to live together, to grow and expand as people – and yet we have that core between us, that spark and love that’s kept us together through high and low.


Beautiful Swedish summer

It’s been a couple of days with long walks, talks and good meals together. It’s two weeks until I start working again, and it’s great to have some time just for us.


Flowers and rocks

Ciao for now,

The amazing ‘Me before you’


Me before you

Just got back from the cinema (again), and could go right back and see this film again. Me before you.

It’s based on a book by Jojo Moyes, and since seeing a trailer before it came out, I just knew I had to see it.

I tend to love and be deeply touched by movies, books, songs and podcasts that reminds me of the importance of living while we can. Of treasuring the moments we have, and be with the people we love and care about.


Live boldly

The actors Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin both do a great job in giving life to the main characters.
The story is catching and touching at the same time as it is a wonderful reminder of… Life. And love.

We were several people crying at the theatre and honestly, I need to sit down in quiet and just be in the feeling of this movie now. Maybe I’ll go see it again tomorrow afternoon. Future will tell!

Love, and lots of life!
// Wivan



Cheering flowers on a Friday afternoon

You know those moments when you have a sensation of ease, joy, lightness, some kind of sunshine of the mind.
The times when you thank yourself for being you, when the feeling inside makes you want to hug anybody you meet or just sing a little song.


Grandma on the ferry yesterday

Lately I’ve started collecting on those moments. And I haven’t realized I did until now!


Friday afternoon on the train home

The times those feelings are inside, when the moments appear from nowhere, I have started to stand still or stop what I am doing to just let it sink in, to absorb it deep inside instead of just rushing by. I want to marinate myself in those moments.


Morning at home

Maybe it’s the power of spring, or it’s just me, but it seems to be more often this happens now than earlier. Or maybe it’s just because I am more aware of all the little treasures.

Be still, be gentle and be love.


Celebrating “normal”

The differences and experiencing new things makes all the “normal” or everyday life a lot more interesting and atteactive. At least to me.


Following my friends' son to pre-school

After many months of hopping from place to place, seeing new areas and trying out foods, activities and ways to spend a day, it’s ridiculous how wonderful it is to spend time “at home”, with simple pleasures.


Dinner served with small conversations

To be able to call a friend on the phone, to get on a train and understand how to buy a ticket and knowing where to get off, to know what to expect when ordering food or booking a appointment, to be able to walk safely on a street, talk to and understand other people – small things that make a big difference.


Visiting grandma

Having a couple of days off are extremely valuable after some days of work.


Walks in nature

I had been longing to experience a Saturday breakfast after working, so last weekend I really treasured it!


Breakfast coffee in the sofa

To be able to long for Anders and then get back together after a few days apart.


Sunny walk without sun-glasses

And to work! I really like to work a little now and then at the moment.


Work desk

Anders loves his days on the island. Days filled with “this is what I really want to do”. And it’s very valuable to be able to live like this, to choose and be a bit flexible.
To play in life.

Stay cool!

@home weekend


Sheep cup of coffee

Saturday morning, have had my breakfast and read some blogs, getting ready to go to the gym and then visit grandma and see how she’s doing.


Sun on the ferry yesterday

What a nice feeling yesterday; to come back home to Anders after a couple of nights away when working in Kristianstad. And to land back on this island of Aspö where we stay now. I love it!


Sunny evening

Today I am a bit tired, it’s been a couple of intense days with lots of people, conversations and many hours in front of the computer.

Grateful for being able to take the day as it comes – no strict plans!


One of the biggest luxuries

Nowadays I often say: “Now I am going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me.”

After that I happily get ready to go to bed to sleep.


Karlskrona by night

This says a lot about how I used to live, how many “shoulds” I used to respond to in my daily life.

Now I prefer and enjoy being able to lovingly give myself permission to let go, rest and go to bed.

Most nights I sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night or super early morning and worry or start to thinking about… Things.

The gratitude towards life and towards my own gentle attitude is huge.

Thank you life and the love of myself!

// Wivan – Now going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me. Sleep when I am tired.