Clearing out and looking inside

Beautiful light in the morning

A few days ago I watched the last episode of a television show called Naked (Naken in Swedish), where four people do a month-long experiment where all of their belongings are taken away from them and they get to take only one thing/piece of clothing back per day during the 30 day experiment.

It has been interesting to watch, especially what happens to these people when mobile phones and other distractions are taken away from them. And how they get creative in new ways when there is something they want but don’t have money.

The sky…

It has also been interesting to see, hear and follow one of the participants who felt depressed when the experiment came to an end and she was about to get all of her belongings back. She had found out things about herself and her life and simply didn’t want to go back to her old life.

And two months after the experiment was over, she still lived accordingly to some of those insights – no social media and less time with distractions and more time living in the moment. She hadn’t been taking a selfie or been in a picture in two months! (before the experiment she was constantly online and chatting, posting pictures etc).

View from my morning walk

This woman inspired me to delete the Instagram app that I’ve been addicted to lately – as an experiment during my two weeks off from work, just to see what it feels like. I’ve been off Facebook for a year and a half and haven’t missed it at all, and now I am ready to try and live a bit more away from other people’s updates for a while and simply spend more time with myself and the people and things I meet irl.

I’ve got time

Or do I?


After a two day roadtrip with mom, my extra dad and one of my nieces, I’m back in Frisco, Colorado and have a day with… No plans.
So I take a moment to get back into the body, stretching and breathing slowly.
And the thought hits me:

With no plans, I’ve got time.

Because when we plan every day, moment or always have things to do, we tend to feel like we lack time.

And here’s the interesting twist to all this: life is short, so we want to LIVE. Fully, every day. And at the same time, not rush or stress to go someplace, get experiences and meet with others.


How does this come together at all? Does it?
Is it possible to live in the moment, take life as it comes, and at the same time make sure to do what we love and long for?

I don’t know, but I sure hope that my inner wisdom will guide me through life, with a sense of making my life count, that I don’t have to hurry through my days on this earth, and still will end this life with a sense of having lived a “complete” life. Whatever that means.


Happy to have this day to ponder on some of the existential questions. That’s also part of being human and to live fully; daring to look at the essence of life.


With love and happiness,


#life and living


Today's setting for our lunch

After some weeks I am back here on the blog. Not that I haven’t written any posts, I just haven’t finished and posted any lately.
It’s been so much living going on!


Flower buds on Öland

Though it’s more than a month and a half since we returned to Sweden, there is still so many things to see and do, people to visit and at the same time there are many memories and insights to digest.


From the troll forrest on Öland earlier this week

And after practicing another way of living for quite some time now, we try to keep living life a bit more in the moment and with space for ourselves to just be.


Sunset over Öland

For me it’s perfect not to work full time, but to be able to have a mix of free time and work, schedule and flexibility.


At a family gathering last weekend

This also is the challenge: to stay free in the mind, to live by own choices and values among all the people who struggle with a lot of “must, should and have-to”.


Café wisdom in Kalmar

If you would have the choice to create more balance in your life, what would you do?


To do your own thing

When did you last listen to the inner voice of yours, and followed it?

How many times have you made decisions because you listened more to what others said than to your own truth?

What would you do, say or who would you be if you weren’t scared of what other people would think or say about you?



Who's life are you living?

This is life, right!?


Beautiful treasures from the beach

In several conversations over the past days, our Sri Lankan friends where we stay, have ended our talks with the phrase “this is life, right?!”.

And yes, this is life – all our experiences, feelings, thoughts, people we meet and places we visit, all is part of life. And a part of living.


Tea and talk

So, one part of life right now, is that we have decided to leave Sri Lanka earlier than first planned. There are several reasons for changing our decision, and the main one is that we want to settle down for a while. To be someplace where it’s more quiet and where we can communicate more easily, where we have family and friends who knows us since before, and where we can integrate all the impressions, insights and understanding we’ve gotten over the past months.


Good bye present for the Sri Lankan family

We leave on Wednesday already, and have done our lists of what we’ve missed the most in Sweden and what we’ve loved about Sri Lanka. The insights and lessons we’ve learned have started to become more clear and we see all of this as a part of living – this is what we want and need right now, so we act on it.

Traveling is not important as such, but to be true to ourselves and to live as fully as possible is.


Tropical sunset

So, four and a half months in tropical weather is about to come to an end. And we meet it (mostly) with peace in mind. We have been in rather warm climates the past 10 months and it will probably be a bit cold to arrive in Sweden on Thursday…


Tuktuk rides won't happen in Sweden

A few more days left with our friends and the Sri Lankan family before take off.

With love!
Anders and Wivan

Mental growth or whatever


A friend hurt his fot the last day of his trip

Being hurt, not able to surf with the others or even do my surf pop-up training in a few days is pushing old “buttons” in my mind.

Thoughts are coming to visit and it’s quite interesting and tiresome to notice. So, as I said to a experienced surfer earlier today; this is probably doing a lot for my personal growth even though my surfer skills are not improved at the moment. Or, are they?


Friend at the beach

Earlier in my life this would be a disaster, not to attend or be part of the group’s development. And to miss out on the physical training. Now I can see and hear those thoughts coming and most of the time I let them go as fast as they come. Just because I think it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.


Dinner view from last night

And my life does not depend on wether I surf for a few days or not. Learn to surf, or to try, can be taken up any time, really. Sure, it’s one of many things on my bucket list, and now I have tried it out a little at least.

Today I allow myself to be all that comes; tired, sad, sometimes feeling lonely and at times singing, dancing and enjoying a good laugh.

//Wivan, sharing a new part of living in the moment

Simplicity rules


Warm water + lemon juice

Having breakfast on my own in the small place I am staying during this work week, I just realized how simple things get when there’s not so much to take care of.


Water, coffee and fruits

When the area is small, it’s not so much to clean. When there are not so many things, there’s not so much to fuzz about. And that means a lot more time to do whatever feels fun, inspiring and good. Time to just be, to hang out with friends and family, to stay outside or to read, watch a movie, cook food or _______________ (fill in the blank).


A lake close by

I am not saying it’s wrong to live in a large beautiful mansion or to have a lot of things. Just saying that all different situations have their pros and cons. And that trying different ways is enriching my experience and understanding.

Stay cool!