Weekday thoughts

Here comes honesty:
Being back in Sweden is both wonderful and at times hard. For me, being here arises many questions – a lot about the future and what I really want with my life. And it’s great to be able to take time being slightly confused.

It’s so nice to be around family members and loved friends; it helps me being more relaxed and that’s probably one of the reasons why these questions sometimes arise.


Easter decoration

Spending time with other people is also a very good way to see our own patterns, thoughts and responses to situations. Like a magnifying glass right in front of us. Often, as humans, we look at those “magnifying times” as painful or hard, but one can also see it as great learning and gifts.


Our "what-we-want-in-Sweden-lists"

Today I bring out the lists of what we longed for to do, eat and who to see that we wrote when we had decided to leave Sri Lanka and go back to Sweden. It’s a great way to remember what we love and have missed while being away.
We have already done many things on those lists, and yet it’s so much left!


Easter lunch - lots of the foods we love

Still we are taking things slowly and easy, no need to rush and do all at once. So, the unpacking and moving into the house we have rented at mom’s place is done one step at a time.


Soap bubbles, lots of them!

There always has to be space for fun and peaceful things, like soap bubbles and laughter.

With love,
Wivan – who’s now off to the store to buy foods to put on the grill!

Culture changes

Many people go overseas expecting to have an “authentic” experience, which really means they want to confirm some stereotype they have in their mind of happy people living in huts and villages. They are often disappointed to find urban people with technology. Visiting a different place doesn’t mean visiting a different time. It’s the 21st Century, and most people live in it. They are as likely to wear traditional clothes as Americans are to wear stove top hats like Abraham Lincoln. Cultures have always changed as new ideas, religions, technologies sprang up and different cultures mingled and traded with each other. Today is no different.

#11 in Gary Arndt’s list of 20 things he has learned from traveling the world for three years

Thanks Pernilla for sharing this list with us. Many things are similar to our experiences over the past 14 months and it’s funny to read it’s not only us expecting this or that, being surprised by what we meet in other countries and places.


Full moon tonight

To do: Four easy steps

Got this list from yoga_girl , Rachel Brathen’s Instagram page a while ago, and enjoyed the thought of it a lot.

1. Make a list of things that make you really, truly, utterly happy.
2. Make a list of things you do every day.
3. Compare the lists.
4. Adjust accordingly.

yoga_girl, Rachel Brathen

yoga_girl, Rachel Brathen

Let’s just say we’re playing around with this list now when we’re travelling. Doing what we love, listening to our deepest desires and enjoying life more and more fully every day.

// Anders and Wivan

New Years resolution

Nowadays, we rarely give any new years resolutions. Change seems to happen anyway when it’s time and when we’re ready. So instead of all those endless lists of “I should do more of this and less of that…”, we’re just setting intentions for the new day, the new week, the new year or whatever new is in front of us.

To do list?

To do list?

And what we really like is to ask ourselves, eachother and others some questions about the passed year and the year ahead of us. Questions like; What did I learn from the most in the past year? How would I like to spend my days in the coming year? Who have been most important in my life for the past 12 months? What moments have made the biggest impact on me as a person? What in particular would I like to learn more about or accomplish the next year?

Inspiration from dogs :-)

Inspiration from dogs 🙂

What questions do you like to answer when you’re thinking back on the year that has passed? What would you ask someone about the coming 12 months?



Links to other travelers

Recently found some interesting blogs and websites which have shed new light on traveling, expenses and know-how when it comes to backpacking, or flashpacking.

Flashpacker Family gives a lot of tips and inspiration regarding living a travelers life – and yes, they do travel the world with a three year old boy.

Five Dollar Traveller is another blog with lots of smart ideas, findings and tips for anyone wanting to go behind the tourist traps and be a smarter voyager. Aiming to get the maximum adventure for a minimum budget.

Lee Abbamontes website, with his lists of 30. The 30 best airports in the world, the 30 best countries for food, the 30 best beaches, the 30 best airlines and the lists continues. A fun way to share some of his experiences, being the youngest American visiting all the countries of the world. He’s a real expert.

Romancing the Planet, a blog by a man we find some similarities with. He likes to meet with new people, try new food and wants to explore the world rather than staying in an office. He’s traveled parts of Africa and have a lot of experience from Asia.

These are just a few sites that can be fun to visit – there are, literally, thousands and thousands of great blogs, websites and interesting facts to find online. Do you have input? Please share in a comment below or send us an e-mail.

Enjoy! // Anders & Wivan