This is life, right!?


Beautiful treasures from the beach

In several conversations over the past days, our Sri Lankan friends where we stay, have ended our talks with the phrase “this is life, right?!”.

And yes, this is life – all our experiences, feelings, thoughts, people we meet and places we visit, all is part of life. And a part of living.


Tea and talk

So, one part of life right now, is that we have decided to leave Sri Lanka earlier than first planned. There are several reasons for changing our decision, and the main one is that we want to settle down for a while. To be someplace where it’s more quiet and where we can communicate more easily, where we have family and friends who knows us since before, and where we can integrate all the impressions, insights and understanding we’ve gotten over the past months.


Good bye present for the Sri Lankan family

We leave on Wednesday already, and have done our lists of what we’ve missed the most in Sweden and what we’ve loved about Sri Lanka. The insights and lessons we’ve learned have started to become more clear and we see all of this as a part of living – this is what we want and need right now, so we act on it.

Traveling is not important as such, but to be true to ourselves and to live as fully as possible is.


Tropical sunset

So, four and a half months in tropical weather is about to come to an end. And we meet it (mostly) with peace in mind. We have been in rather warm climates the past 10 months and it will probably be a bit cold to arrive in Sweden on Thursday…


Tuktuk rides won't happen in Sweden

A few more days left with our friends and the Sri Lankan family before take off.

With love!
Anders and Wivan