From Kuta to Amed


Rice fields along the road

The drive was a lot longer than we had thought and luckily we had a good driver and comfortable car to ride in.
It was so nice to see more than just city views during the way from Kuta to Amed here on Bali.


At the water temple

Kari, the driver, asked if we wanted to see a water temple and when we said yes he stopped at Taman Tirtagangga to show us around a bit.


Water garden below the temple

In many places it seems like the tourists only get to see parts of the temples or gardens, and traditional clothing is usually required. So we looked at the garden and the beauty of it, and then went on driving.


Stepping stones above the fish pond

Since we had some language difficulties, we didn’t get much information about the place as such but rather just enjoyed being there.


Welcome juice at our stay

We were very happy to come to our little inn where we’ll stay until Sunday. It’s right on the beach, quite simple and super friendly owners and staff. All of a sudden we were playing with the owners’ baby, and talking with the dog.


A coral reef just outside our stay

From our room it’s about 50 meters down to the water, and a bit further out the reef is ready to greet us when snorkling. The water here in the bay of Amed is warm. Really warm and one can lay down and relax floating without getting cold.


Sunset behind clouds and mountain

The sunset was beautiful to watch, and to sit on the beach at night, listening to live music in the dark was truly an awsome ending of the day.


Ready to sit down

We are so grateful for what we have and what we get to experience along our life, and for all the people we meet.

Until next time,
Anders and Wivan

At the beach 6.30 am


Kuta beach early on a Sunday

Anders woke up super early (4.15 am) and a bit later we decided to walk to the beach to see what it’s like at sunrise and before the sun bathe and surf action starts.


Good morning sunshine!

We were surprised and happy to see how many people were already there; walking their dogs, running, meditating, working out, fishing, talking, playing and enjoying the sunny morning.


Happy couple

It was so good to feel the sand a bit cooler than in the middle of the day, and to be able to walk along the coast barefoot in the water.


Natural art in the sand

Even before the sun came up, it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt and shorts – well, that’s how it is all night long.


Low tide

After walking along the beach we were ready to have some breakfast and found a “food scooter” (basically a scooter loaded with food and coffee) and bought rice with chicken and chili sauce to go.


Breakfast with a view

Again a very tasty meal to a reasonable price: 10.000 Rupiah per portion = ca € 0.65.


Empty streets on the way TO the beach

When walking to the beach, the traffic was not at all as busy as usual, and many of the shopping streets quiet and empty. On the way back most things were as we’re used to by now – crowded and noisy.


One of many little places for devotion

It was so nice to be able to see how different it is here depending on time of day, and great to get out early in the fresh air.

Now, we’re back home and ready for a little rest.

Anders and Wivan

Yummy Saturday dinner for €1,3


In this place I bought dinner

When passning this place to go for dinner last night, we were amazed by how good it smelled from the grill and how many people were eating outside.

So tonight we decided to bring home some street food, and were totally satisfied with both price and taste.


Blurry pic of the men packing our food

Not only was the service fast and good, the guys working in the stand were super nice and friendly.


Small paper packages

Smart food containers made of plastic lined paper, and stampled into shape.


One portion of rice, meat and sauce

It was so delicious and very much worth the cost of 20.000 Rupiah per portion, that is about 1,30 Euro or 1,5 USD.

Just wanted to share a really good Bali food-moment! Anders is now planning for us to pick up food from the same place two times tomorrow!


“You want to rent a sun bed?”

“Hello! Foot massas? Manicure? Buy something? Massas?”

The past few days we have practiced the art of saying no; No thank you, No nothing, No we are not interested, No we’re not buying… No massage. Thank you.
No, we’re not from Germany. And no taxi, thanks!


Practice to walk in Bali traffic

There are many people who sell services and goods to all the tourists here, and of course we’re meeting many of them as we walk on the streets, the beach or just look into a shop.


Sun beds at Kuta beach

When we walked to the beach and back both yesterday and today, many cars and scooters have slowed down beside us, and the driver asking if we wanted transportation. The streets are busy and the traffic moves quickly, so it is a bit of a challenge to figure out the tempo and “rules”. Now we’re starting to get a hang of it, and it’s easier to find a gap that’s big enough for us to be able to cross the streets.


Walking in Kuta

As Anders said yesterday; it’s interesting to get to know this part of Bali by foot. And both of us are certain we don’t want to stay longer here in Kuta than the nights we’ve already booked and pre-paid for; it’s too busy, too many tourists and feels expensive though the prices are much lower than we’re used to from Europe.


In the middle of hotels, houses and shops

Have we bought anything at all? Yes! We had a “we’re lost-coffee” yesterday, rented sun beds on the beach (but not from all that asked), we’ve had smoothies and fresh coconut in a couple small beach bars, got a Balinese sim-card, a dress for Wivan, and some t-shirts + a new pair of flip-flops for Anders.


Green juice at cool beach bar

Oh, by the way! We start to get used to this all, we’re doing well and are slowly getting accustomed to the heat. Still no plans for next week, but research in progress.

Lots of sunshine // Anders and Wivan


Snack: grilled corn cob


At the beach earlier today

Arrived and curious in Bali

It’s 6.25 on Thursday morning in Indonesia and we have woken up after a first night in “our” apartment in Kuta on Bali. Can’t sleep any longer and we’ll share a mango before walking towards the beach.

Yesterday we became millionaires by the way! And we will be soon again. The currency here has a lot of zero’s, and to pay a million is far from the same in Dollars, Euros and Kronor.

Oh, and it’s warm outside. Very warm, and it will probably take some time to get used to having 28+ degrees Celsius when opening the door.

Ok, talk to you later!

// Anders and Wivan

Into the unknown

On the train to Paris last Friday we were eating our lunch that we brought and I realized we had no clue what that night would be like.


Train from Toulouse to Paris

There were pictures of the apartment we had rented over the weekend, but one never knows if that is how a place is irl. And we had gotten some suggestions for restaurants in Paris, but nothing was booked and we might not even feel like going out. Is there a grocery store nearby? We had no idea.


Full moon over Paris tonight

Now we know what the place looks like, that there are great restaurants in the area, several grocery stores and “walking-friendly” streets.
But we’re about to step into the unknown again.


At the Louvren today

We’re leaving Europe tomorrow, to go via Qatar to Bali, a trip of more than 24 hours from door to door.
In Bali we’re booked for a six-nights stay in Kuta – nothing else is planned. We know the food will be different, the sounds, the temperature and the sun, the people and nature – most things will be different from here, and still we will meet people; people that all have the same needs, desires and wishes as most other human beings.


Tour Eiffel

So we’re ready to meet what comes our way, curious of how we will react to what is new to us, interested in discovering new places and people from all paths of life.



Tired from walking, grateful to spend our days together and curious about life.

With love,
Wivan and Anders