Our current situation:

Want to write a short update on what’s going on with these two life travellers who’ve been parked in Sweden for almost a year now.

Karlskrona a few weeks ago

  • Still in Sweden
  • Anders is recovering from years and years of mental and physical stress
  • My new work-contract is until 1:st of March 2018
  • Two homes: Kristianstad and Aspö
  • Have started our second round of IVF (assisted conception)
  • Live a lot in the “unknown” when it comes to planning and trying to control our situation, energy-levels, time schedule and activities 
  • Focus on living a good and joyful basic life where sleep, fresh air, physical movement, reading, eating good food and taking care of our relationship are the keys

    My bike today…

    Skating om the lake Immeln a few weeks ago

    January walk by the water on Aspö

    Aspö in January

    Pain, beauty, walking and tiredness

    It’s been a weird first week of work. Last Sunday, on the train to Kristianstad and Åhus, I got a lumbago, a terrible back pain.

    So painful that I cursed and screamed out loud on the train. I could hardly get off with my bag and bike, and because I walked so slowly due to pain, I missed the bus.

    Bike, bag and yoga mat on the train

    So, my first day of work turned out being a day of sick leave with a visit to the chiropractor  and lots of walking to keep warm and help the healing.

    The entire week I’ve been walking, standing, walking and standing as much as possible. I have been working, and managed to do things differently than usual. The pain has been reduced by the day, and I am so grateful for my knowledge of healing, lots of movement, and the good chiropractor I found.

    It’s also been extremely tiresome to walk and stand up many hours every day, and not to sleep all that well due to pain.

    At the same time it’s humbling and good to be reminded of how privileged many of us are most of the time – healthy and without pain. 

    Happy morning work at Haväng, on pain killers

    It does feel like a privilege to get to work with such creative and fun things as I do when out reporting live from different parts of Skåne in southern Sweden.

    And to be able to take care of myself at the same time.

    Friday treat for the train ride to Karlskrona

    Anders and I spent the weekend together, talking, swimming, going to a concert, watching movies and eating good food. Did I say talking? And walking.

    Never seen purple roses before!

    Anyways, now we have started this new way of living – part time together, part time apart. And as we have written before, we usually do pretty well when we have a mix of time together and time apart. It’s hard for some to understand, but I guess it’s also a question about what we view as “normal” or how things “should” be.

    Don’t know if we will still find this way of living good in six months – but on the other hand, without trying we will never know!

    Got this cute pic sent to me from Anders

    So, let’s keep our minds open to what we don’t know, and dare to try different for a while. Maybe we learn something new, get experience we never would otherwise, and find out more about life.

    With love, and a little back pain,


    @home weekend


    Sheep cup of coffee

    Saturday morning, have had my breakfast and read some blogs, getting ready to go to the gym and then visit grandma and see how she’s doing.


    Sun on the ferry yesterday

    What a nice feeling yesterday; to come back home to Anders after a couple of nights away when working in Kristianstad. And to land back on this island of Aspö where we stay now. I love it!


    Sunny evening

    Today I am a bit tired, it’s been a couple of intense days with lots of people, conversations and many hours in front of the computer.

    Grateful for being able to take the day as it comes – no strict plans!


    Freedom of choice and flexibility


    Carrots in the bag

    Oh, how good it feels to have trained my flexibility so much over the last couple of years. And to have let go of the thoughts of making perfect.


    Backpack with gym equipment

    This morning, as I had just left the house to go to the gym, I got a call from the radio station where I used to work and where I’ll be working this upcoming summer. They were in big need of a host for the afternoon show and hoped I’d be in the area.


    Running from the gym to the train

    I was happy to easily make a plan to make it work – and to be able to continue from the gym to the train and onwards to the radio station. No need for more things or different clothes, it’s become so much easier for me to handle the situations that come my way, and to take it as it is. (extra plus for having picked rather good clothes this morning).


    Bought a salad on the way and had lunch as I prepared

    From the moment I said yes to make this day of work happen, I also realized there was no prestige in this for me – all I had to do was to be calm and relaxed, knowing that I can handle it.


    Two and a half hours of live radio

    After arriving, I had a little more than two hours to prepare myself for the live show – without a personal login to computers, quickly learning how the show is built up, and with hugging former collegues and some small talk in between, I made it!


    There was a producer that had planned and prepared the topics of the show, and reporters doing good work to make it all come together. I am so happy I took the chance to see how it all worked out and how sweet the people were to me.



    It’s been about two years since I last broadcasted a whole radio show like this, doing most of the technical stuff myself. After a day like this, it’s clear that it helps to rely on that everything will be good and to humbly work with what some call ‘a beginner’s mind’ – even though I know some of this since long, a lot has changed and is new to me and I learn a lot by letting others show and help.

    Finally back home with Anders and time to prepare some food for tomorrow’s lunch. Because, I’ll be working also tomorrow!

    Have fun, enjoy your life and maybe take on a challenge every now and again.

    A nomadic lifestyle


    Tomorrow I'm leaving this three-week-home

    Three weeks of work in Kristianstad in southern Sweden is coming to an end. Fun, intense weeks with work, social activities, lots of biking and outdoor life.


    In Falsterbo the other day

    A few weeks ago a person I talked to made a quick comment as I told her a little about our life nowadays. She said: “You are living like nomads”. Never before had I thought of myself in those terms, and it was a little hard to take in. But it has grown on me, and even helped me understand myself a little better. Anders and I dolive a nomadic lifestyle at the moment. Because we want to, and because we like it.


    Laundry drying

    It has it’s ups and downs, and to us it’s a lot more up living this way right now.


    Working in Falsterbo the other day

    We believe in the importance of following your flow in life, or however you want to call it, and at the moment we certainly have a nomadic flow!

    Love// Wivan

    <3 Kristianstad


    View over Helgeå

    Walking with a friend, biking on my own, listening to podcasts, sitting on a bench; there are many ways to experience this natural beauty.


    One of many paths close to the city center

    Have found a new way to get my very own morning coffee on the go:


    Morning coffee take away...

    … in a glass bottle, insulated by a wool sock. Works very well!


    City view from Naturum

    Afternoon view over the water and parts of the town.

    New place, new ways


    Cows at Näsby fält the other morning

    Staying in Kristianstad during the week, and all of a sudden having lots of “new” (but known from years back) things to rediscover, I find myself biking and exploring even on my way to work.

    The other morning I made a detour to see and say good morning to these cows. It almost felt like being back on Flores island in the Azores where there are cows pretty much everywhere.


    Good morning!

    Last night I joined an outdoor fitness class in the park – something I did a lot  10+ years ago. Now I recognized some of the faces and it was simply fun to be there again. For now. Then my location and surroundings will change again, just like life, and I get to discover and try new ways of living.

    For all of this I am grateful.