“Hendru! Cats piss bag!”

On Saturday we went for a swim with some of the village kids, like we’ve done over the past weeks here in Weligama. Usually the girls and some of the mothers go swimming on Saturdays, and lately also some boys have tagged along. We like to join them in this little routine, and enjoy playing, swimming, diving, practicing English and Sinhala and spending time together in the water.


Kids swimming and playing

This past weekend something new happened; one of the older boys had a mask and snorkel that Anders (Andrew) got to use for a while. At some point when Anders had his head above the surface, he heard:
“Hendru! Cats piss bag!” from the boy that gave him his mask. And Andrew (Anders) asked him to repeat it, since he didn’t understand what was with the bag and the cats piss.

The boy gave Anders a plastic bag and again said: “Hendru! Cats piss bag!”, and Anders realizes that the boy wants him to catch a fish into the bag. ‘Andrew! Catch fish bag’.

Sometimes the sentences and pronunciation of words creates a bit of confusion for us. And of course, at a time like this, it also makes a really good story of when the boy came to talk about the cats piss bag.


Refreshment after swimming


Traveling with six kids

Pippi Longstocking is my breakfast company!

Pippi Longstocking is my breakfast company!

Just read the latest post from Leo Babuta on Zen Habits, where he gives tips about traveling with kids. At the moment he and his wife are travelling around Europe for four weeks with all of their six (!) children.

What hits me is that the tips also work for me in life in general, as well as tips for traveling with grown ups.

Democratic planning
Have them take responsibilities
Pack light
Take turns being leaders
Let them take care of their own stuff
Give them a spirit of adventure
Be flexible
Don’t rush
Realize they get frustrated too

Drop expectations
Remind ourselves to be grateful

See, this is good for all of us to remember, a way to approach all different situations, with or without six kids and at home or during travels.

Thanks Leo, you are inspiring and well formulated and I also love the way you approach the challenges you have during travels; eating, exercise and work and look forward to reading how it all went.

// Wivan