Staycation mode

We’re working on our staycation skills at the moment. Enjoying the summer and possibilities close to home.

Beautiful view after a evening swim

Over the past months it’s been so warm and sunny that we have gotten into a routine of staying in the shade or inside to keep our baby, Louise, safe and sound.

Walking home with groceries

But staying home, inside behind curtains, has gotten a bit dull. And now Louise is a lot stronger and more stabile, so we’ve started to challenge ourselves to a little more adventures. Or at least to get out and meet the world little by little.

Clouds (!) at the beach the other day

Also, the change of lifestyle when having a baby has made us realize how much we have been out and about before. How easy it has been to take a bike ride, going for a dip in the ocean or cook dinner.

Next summer she probably won’t be as still!

Anyways, this has been a good time of reflection and to start and understand how fast things changes with a baby. From one week to the next it can be totally different.

Ferry ride home last week

Beautiful evening walk

Today we will meet some friends and stay in the shade with some coffee and food. Staycation is a good way to enjoy the close-by places!


Six months later – back in Sweden


Waiting for the train at Kastrup

Yesterday morning we arrived back in Copenhagen in Denmark, went though the new ID-controls before getting on the train and then had to show our ID:s again on the train in Sweden.

After about 28 hours of traveling we were met by mom at the station in Karlskrona and went to have lunch together.


Cold, getting off the train

It all felt very familiar, even though we haven’t been in Sweden over the past six months – it’s clear how used we are to this environment, to the style of houses, traffic and food. There are few surprises, except for some new bills with Astrid Lindgren on (20 SEK).


On the ferry

And yet, when opening the water tap, I am very aware of that this water is very clean and I won’t need to boil it before drinking (in Sri Lanka too we were drinking tap water without boiling it, after staying there a while).
Things in Sweden are very organized and clean, the streets might have traffic but there are seldom any honking and now cows on the roads!


Walk by the sea

We already miss the rice and curry from Sri Lanka, and the fun people we have spent a lot of time with the last months. And yet it’s so lovely to sleep in a bed with two (!) covers, in a place that’s quiet.


This is "our" house at mom's and Bosse's place

It’s nice to be back in Sweden, it’s wonderful to be able to speak with people and to have some of the foods we have missed. The weather is cold and we need to get some things from our storage – we hadn’t planned to be back until June.


A sunny walk by the sea

One step at a time, we meet this “new” and yet familiar country where we have lived most of our lives. With a deeper understanding of how privileged we are to be here, to have a choice and to be free, we happily meet the spring in Europe.


Red branches on a bush

Without stress we can get used to the weather and foods, and let ourselves enjoy all the things and people we have missed.
We love contrasts, and like to see the differences of places and cultures. There still is no plan for what we will do or live in the future, that’s something we like to keep open. For now, we are here.

With love, sunshine and long underwear,

The perspectives

After an evening swim

After an evening swim

Have had a few weeks of insights landing, enjoying summer-Sweden, spending time with my 95-year old grandmother and just being with what is at the moment.

Green bug on Elderflower

Green bug on Elderflower

Being able to walk bare foot, staying outside in the nature, breathing fresh air. It’s a luxury!

My Vivo barefoot shoes - I prefer being really barefoot!

My Vivo barefoot shoes – I prefer being really barefoot!

And when the tempo has slowed down a little, it’s also been time to enjoy all the fresh food that’s available now – my mom has a garden with wonderful herbs, salads, sweet peas, potatoes, berries and all kinds of goodies!

Green smoothie with salad from the garden

Green smoothie with salad from the garden

When we’re in Karlskrona, the town close to the island where “our” island Aspö is, there’s a lot of childhood memories showing up.

Carpet at my grandmother's place

Carpet at my grandmother’s place

Like this statue of Rosenbom, where I’ve been as a child! (and become like one when standing there again!).

Me kissing Rosenbom?!

Me kissing Rosenbom?!

You can lift his hat off and donate money. The money used to be for poor people, and nowadays it goes to different organisations in the area.

Lifting the hat off

Lifting the hat off

I’ve also been back in Höör, the place where we used to live for the past seven years.

On the train to Höör

On the train to Höör

And this time I traveled only with my small backpack as a company!

Needed only this little sac for a over night stay

Needed only this little sac for a over night stay

I really enjoy going by train. It’s comfortable, I can do other things meanwhile traveling – compared to driving when it’s only driving that’s possible. Usually there is a toilet close by, sometimes you meet new people and it’s environmentally friendly!

The train station in Höör, last time I was here...

The train station in Höör, last time I was here…

Anders and I are driving/riding back and forth to places and each other. It’s very interesting to see our situation when being “homeless” and still always having a place to stay and people caring for us. Everything works out very well and we are doing good.

Take care and enjoy this day!