Choices to make: Many. Decisions: None.


Not easy to get good pictures of these two

In a couple of days the host we’re currently house- and dog sitting for will be back home and we’re welcome to stay a few extra days. And we probably will, because we just seem totally incapable of making a clear decision on where and when to go next!
Tomorrow we’re off to Colombo to extend our Sri Lankan visas to be able to stay another two months. And we do want to take the train to go inland, towards Kandy, Ella and other cultural places, tea plantations and maybe some national park. But it seems to be too many choices for us to decide on (when to go, where, places to stay, tours, transportation etc), so instead we tend to go blank.


Trusting answers will come

What we’ll probably do, is to decide on when to leave Negombo (Sunday or Monday), and just take it from there, one step at a time. Our big plan is to go back to Weligama in a few weeks, and spend a longer time in a rented house/apartment there. But, since we’re relatively close to the railway that runs to the inland, and we do want to see some other parts of this beautiful country… yes, there are good reasons to take the train to Kandy and Ella. And it’s another chance to try our trust, gut feeling and just go with what happens at the moment!


Sunset in Negombo

Yesterday we sort of decided to go to Malaysia in late March, to spend about a month there before heading to the US and some hyper-western-life, a family reunion in late May and then go to Sweden in early June.
Gosh, that’s a whole lot of plans already, right?! So, why bother to plan the next coming days? And is it even important? No, actually not important at all!


Drawing from the other morning

Over the past week I’ve been to Jasmin Villa Ayurvedic Resort in Kochikade to get massages and treatments for my ear infection and the cold I came up with last week. It’s been wonderful experiences at the Jasmin Villa and also a good time to rest and just be in the moment rather than catching new experiences or spending time with other people. This place offers really good value for money and even pick people up and drop them off at the hotels by the beach in Negombo. We stay rather close to the Jasmin Villa, and they are so surprised we don’t live among all the other foreigners along the beach!

The treatment has done wonders and the ear infection never came close to being as bad as last November when we were in Bali.


Meanwhile I'll have some more papaya

So, the choices? We’ll just have to keep on playing the fun game of not knowing very much about the future and just see what the next step will be.
Take care and have fun playing!

// Wivan