Ten months without a home


Our new, smaller storage

It’s been ten months since we moved out from our house and stepped in to a new way of living. A nomadic lifestyle if you want. We’ve been house sitting for people who has been away, we’ve exchanged work for food and accomodation, and this summer we’ve stayed with family and friends in Sweden, and we have experienced more kindness and hospitality than ever.


Wivan's backpack usually gets an own seat on the train

And here’s an amazing fact: in ten months, we have payed for 20 nights in hotels or bed and breakfast – that’s less than one out of ten months. The rest of the time we’ve had a bed to sleep in, roof over our heads and a table to sit at for free.

We’ve learned many things along the way. One of them is that there’s a big will to help other people out, to share what we have with someone else, and a huge trust in human kind. It’s been wonderful to see, feel and live among all of this and we look forward to continue sharing what we have with others along the road.



Five flights later…


In the nice bathroom

Yes, it’s right, I’ve today taken off and landed five times. One of them I didn’t need to get off the plane in between, but the rest have been separate flights. Yet another experience.


My new BFF

Let’s say it is nice to have arrived at the hotel for a few hours of rest before going back to the airport tomorrow morning. I did see a Starbucks in there, that might be my breakfast!


Apple and a stretch in Pico airport

Back to the sea and the gym


Night view from our room

Arrived late to our hotel in the old city of Istanbul, with a view over the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, and we just didn’t want to go to bed and stayed up till 05.30 in the morning.


View of the Blue Mosque from the roof terrace

After some sleep we had breakfast at sunrise at the roof terrace with a view. Then back to the room and got some more sleep before heading out for a walk in the sun by the sea, overlooking the Bosphorus and the Asian side of the city.


Europe to the left, Asia to the right

We’ve longed for a walk in fresh air, without the risk of being hit by a car all the time, and actually having side walks that are clean from trash… So, it’s a lot colder here than in Cairo, but also a lot more organized traffic wise. And cleaner. So this was a great treat!


The beautiful Blue Mosque

Fact is we haven’t been able to walk much at all in the past three weeks – so we also sure to book a hotel with a gym here in Istanbul so we certainly will get a lot more excercise the coming days!


Cooling down after workout

We’ve now done our first session in the gym, together with the owner of the hotel!
And to us it’s something very special to work out together, it feels nice to know we both take care of our bodies, can do some excercises together and just help each other stay on track.