Full on city life in Singapore


Mix between water, green and buildings

Our first outing in Singapore was a nice walk by the river close to where we stay to get some lunch and withdrawl money.


Noodle soup with pork, coffee and water

The close-by food stall market was closed, so we went to a little local restaurant and didn’t really know how the picture-menu worked… We ended up choosing food by asking what the people around us had, and ordered that. We had was noodles, pork, water and sweet coffee.


The menu

Then we went to a big westernized shopping mall, got a little overwhelmed by the full-on city experience with big shops, Christmas decorations and sales-offers.


Huge shopping mall

The place we’re staying at is very modern and comfortable, we have a kitchen (!), a washing maschine, a pool on the area and super fancy cafées on the bottom floor.


Flowers in the city

What seems to be nice with this city is the mix of green areas, the river and ocean, walking paths, city life and different food places.


Bronson the cat

Something we enjoy a lot is to have shifts in our life: city life and beach life, simple food and well-made reataurant dinners, lots of people and time alone, living in modern places and staying someplace more simple.

Tonight we’re taking it easy and tomorrow; we’ll see what happens!

Stay cool!
// Anders and Wivan


“Green Gubb Strategy”


Green light a night in Paris

When we’re in a city, and there are traffic lights, we often use our home made “Green Gubb Strategy” to guide us.


Not this way

For example, if there are several options of where to go, we simply choose the way where there is a green light for walking.


Let's go this way!

So, isn’t this a quite different way of deciding on where to eat dinner, where to walk or which shop to choose compared to doing tons of research online or always using a map? Sure it is, and we enjoy a little bit of both, but actually mainly go with the “Green Gubb”, to se where we get, whom we meet and what comes in our way. One of many ways to play in life!


Sort of waiting for green light...

What’s with the “Gubb” then?! Well, that’s what the Green traffic light for walkers is called in Swedish, so we just made it a bit more international.

Enjoy your weekend!
// Wivan and Anders


The Green light guide