Saturday and a slow start

Breakfast in bed

It’s a bit special for me nowadays to wake up and have breakfast at home. Usually, during work-days, I get ready quickly in the morning to be at work before 5.30 am. My breakfast is prepared the night before and I make my own coffee to bring in a thermo-cup to work.

I love my work hours, It’s no problem for me to get up in the morning and to get off by lunch is awesome – especially during winter so I can get some daylight in the afternoon.

At the gym in Colorado last summer

Saturdays and Sundays though are a nice break, and I love to start the day in another tempo, and without rush.

Often I think of going to the gym on Saturdays, but I get stuck with a book, coffee and relax by the breakfast table instead. Or prioritize going for a walk.

Poster on my niece and nephews’s school

Earlier in life, I was often picturing a more free life where I could spend my time however I wanted, without stress. And over the past years I have lived just like that a lot more.

Even now, when I work full time, I feel rather free most of the time, and I know it has a lot to do with my attitude towards priorities, “musts and shoulds”, how I think about time and also that I feel less stress over what others think of me and rather look to what I need and want.

As I write this, I see how far I’ve come on my personal journey, and how rewarding all the coaching sessions, reading, deep thinking and looking at my less charming thoughts and behaviours have payed off. For this I am grateful.

So, I’m ready to go out and meet  this day with curiosity and love and I hope you are too.

Love, Wivan 

Re-charging in Singapore


Pond in Botanic garden

After almost four weeks in this city, we’re ready to walk barefoot on a beach again soon.
Earlier this week we’ve had some great nature experiences in or close to the city.



The Botanic garden was such a positive surprise, close to the city center and still a wonderful oasis to discover and get some real nature feeling.


We loved watching the fishes

Ponds, a small rainforest, fish, birds and paths for walking and accesable for wheel chairs and strollers.


The orchid Vanda Miss Joaquin

We found a few flowers in this huge plantation of Singapore’s national flower, a type of orchid.


National flower, Vanda Miss Joaquin

Another fun surprise were the turtles!


Mister Turtle in the Swan pond

All of this is free and everything is so well kept.


A tree as old as we are

There are several different parts of the garden and this time we skipped the orchid garden because of the heat in the middle of the day.


Rainforest walk

But we did stroll through the rainforest and were amazed by the huge trees.


Enjoyed this afternoon very much

Yesterday Wivan and our friend Miss C took a 10 K walk in the MacRitchie Reservoir in the morning, together with lots of other people. It was warm, sunny and nice. And again, a great dose of green leaves and water to recharge the batteries after lots of city life.


Monkey on the trail in MacRitchie

We saw many, many monkeys along the paths.


Small and curious

Later today we’re heading out to the airport, and then fly via Kuala Lumpur  to Colombo in Sri Lanka.

Looking forward to waking up close to the beach tomorrow morning!

//Anders and Wivan

We really like this Khao Lak


View from our room

After a couple of hours of “scouting” around the central parts of Khao Lak, north of Phuket in Thailand, the thought strikes me.

It seems to be a nice place and I like it this far.


The Nang Thong beach

On the airport in Singapore last night we talked about it, since I had remembered once again, that one of the basics for me to feel free in life is to be able to be outside; to walk and move around without fear or stress. To walk and not having to tell a hundred people I don’t want to buy their things or ride in a taxi, to be able to stroll around without having to climb over, under or around lots of obstacles but rather move ahead.


Barefoot without burnt feet!

I missed it in Cairo, and I’ve missed it during parts of our time in Bali. Here it seems to be a good zone for people like me, that want to be able to walk safely on the streets, that like to stroll on a beach without vendors walking after you all the time. To be free. Outside.


Happy Wivis

And it’s beautiful here too! And we’ll be able to continue our diving, in new magic places that look fantastic on the pictures. So, we’ll stay for a while it seems like.


Walking, swimming, playing


Getting ready for moon ceremony

Today was the first little research day, and it gave such positive results we’ll continue tomorrow!

// Wivan


Places to get a massage

Ten months without a home


Our new, smaller storage

It’s been ten months since we moved out from our house and stepped in to a new way of living. A nomadic lifestyle if you want. We’ve been house sitting for people who has been away, we’ve exchanged work for food and accomodation, and this summer we’ve stayed with family and friends in Sweden, and we have experienced more kindness and hospitality than ever.


Wivan's backpack usually gets an own seat on the train

And here’s an amazing fact: in ten months, we have payed for 20 nights in hotels or bed and breakfast – that’s less than one out of ten months. The rest of the time we’ve had a bed to sleep in, roof over our heads and a table to sit at for free.

We’ve learned many things along the way. One of them is that there’s a big will to help other people out, to share what we have with someone else, and a huge trust in human kind. It’s been wonderful to see, feel and live among all of this and we look forward to continue sharing what we have with others along the road.