How the cold affects my body

Skin gets dry. Especially the legs and arms.


Lower legs super dry

My eye lids got a shock after the long journey and I had eczema for about a week when we arrived in Sweden.


Swollen and hurting eye lids

Nose bleeds are back – something I use to have during the cold winters.


Bleeding nose after the train ride

My hands are itchy, dry and get small rashes. The nails break constantly and cuticles crack and bleed.


Itchy hands

It’s been good to see how these things appear suddenly and clearly is a reaction to the cold and dry weather. Things I simply haven’t had problems with in the tropical climate of Asia. Instead, in the warm, other things have occured – like ear infections due to all the water activities.

In this colder climate, I see how I am more active because it’s possible to move and do without getting exhaused.

I am so grateful to have been able to experience a full winter season in Asia, something I had dreamed of for a very long time.

Take care,