Again: the little things

The beach in Åhus at 7.30 pm

From our traveling life to a more “common” lifestyle with work, routines and a (or two) more long-term place to stay.

During the past four weeks I’ve been working full time, living at friends’ and going home to Aspö and Anders during the weekends. It’s rather intense and I meet a lot of people while working, and yet I feel like it’s vacation quite often!

Low season at the gym = lots of space!

Maybe it’s because I appreciate many of the the small things, like bringing my own high quality coffee to work, or that I make sure to exercise regularly, or because I am outside daily and love to be able to take a swim after work.

Tex mex dinner with friends

Simply put, I do what I can to notice all the good in life, make sure to take care of myself with enough sleep, good food and routines, and to play with the daily to-dos and not get too stuck in “should, could, would”.

Breakfast at home, and a full day together with Anders!

Whatever the combination is, part of it is to take care of the basics to make sure this person is well, and to remember and notice beauty in the little everyday things.

Practicing on our slackline

And for me, it’s very important to play, learn new things and to be around people I love.

Take care and notice what’s important to you, and all the beauty you have around the corner!



Priority: less stress and more fun


Early morning to go to work

Yesterday we watched the sun set, Anders and I. A beautiful sunset and I told him that I just seconds earlier had found myself thinking ‘next weekend I am going to enjoy the spring more’. Instantly my inner correction was ‘no! Today, enjoy life, beauty, love and nature today. Don’t wait!’.


A island of moss

After that, we watched the movie Bucket List again. That is a good movie, and it also is a nice way to remember what really is important.


Ship wreck on Ölands northern coast

So, let’s take care of the little things, remember to make a quick (or long) stop to enjoy a beautiful view, to let ourselves taste the good food and drinks, give someone a hug and simply live!


Celebrating “normal”

The differences and experiencing new things makes all the “normal” or everyday life a lot more interesting and atteactive. At least to me.


Following my friends' son to pre-school

After many months of hopping from place to place, seeing new areas and trying out foods, activities and ways to spend a day, it’s ridiculous how wonderful it is to spend time “at home”, with simple pleasures.


Dinner served with small conversations

To be able to call a friend on the phone, to get on a train and understand how to buy a ticket and knowing where to get off, to know what to expect when ordering food or booking a appointment, to be able to walk safely on a street, talk to and understand other people – small things that make a big difference.


Visiting grandma

Having a couple of days off are extremely valuable after some days of work.


Walks in nature

I had been longing to experience a Saturday breakfast after working, so last weekend I really treasured it!


Breakfast coffee in the sofa

To be able to long for Anders and then get back together after a few days apart.


Sunny walk without sun-glasses

And to work! I really like to work a little now and then at the moment.


Work desk

Anders loves his days on the island. Days filled with “this is what I really want to do”. And it’s very valuable to be able to live like this, to choose and be a bit flexible.
To play in life.

Stay cool!

One of the biggest luxuries

Nowadays I often say: “Now I am going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me.”

After that I happily get ready to go to bed to sleep.


Karlskrona by night

This says a lot about how I used to live, how many “shoulds” I used to respond to in my daily life.

Now I prefer and enjoy being able to lovingly give myself permission to let go, rest and go to bed.

Most nights I sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night or super early morning and worry or start to thinking about… Things.

The gratitude towards life and towards my own gentle attitude is huge.

Thank you life and the love of myself!

// Wivan – Now going to do one of the best things I know. A huge luxury for me. Sleep when I am tired.


Good morning!


Chicken house and sunrise

How about this view in front of the chicken house!? Not bad, huh!

In a few days Anders arrives and I can’t wait to see him again. It’s been three weeks, and so much has happened for both of us it’ll take some time to talk it all through.


Flower in my bedroom

The first days back in France, together with friends, have been truly awsome. So much caring and love among our friends here, the views take my breath away every day, and I get to both do my own things, be a part of other’s lives, and learn new things. Great mix!


Yesterday after a pool session

It’s been warm enough to sun bathe and swim in the pool = I’m a happy kid!
As for the renovation project it moves along very well and we have put in some good hours of work.



Now time for a little walk before breakfast. Take care and stay cool!


Playful movement


This little monkey

Often we’ve written about playfulness and to play more in life – in all aspects. Not always taking everything so seriously.


Anders loves climbing

Some years ago we climbed a lot. Mostly bouldering. And enjoyed it a lot, especially Anders. When seeing a rock or, like last night, a small tower, he gets all excited!


Happy fellow

So, how can you play in life? What would you like to do/be/live with a bit more childish playful attitude?


Chilly night

//Anders & Wivan